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CID LEI GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
D003975 Vinson & Elkins LLP N
C000196 Virginia Electric and Power Company N
D011208 Virginia Electric and Power Company N
C002363 Viridian Energy NY, LLC N
C001481 Viridian Energy PA, LLC N
C001480 Viridian Energy, LLC N
C005531 Viridity Energy Solutions Inc. N
C002678 Viridity Energy, Inc. N
C003210 Visage Energy Corp. N
C002763 Vision Power Services, LLC N
C006548 Vista Energy Marketing, L.P. N
D006549 Vista Energy Marketing, L.P. N
C005340 Vista Energy Marketing, L.P. N
C007617 Vista Energy Storage, LLC N
C001805 Vitol Inc. N
C003045 Vlast LLC N
C002679 Volunteer Energy Services, Inc. N
C010796 Vopak Industrial Infrastructure Americas Plaquemine, LLC N
C010795 Vopak Industrial Infrastructure Americas St. Charles, LLC N
C005093 Voyager Wind I, LLC N
C008787 Voyager Wind II, LLC N
C010411 Voyager Wind IV Expansion, LLC N
C005157 VPI Enterprises, LLC N
C003463 Vulcan/BN Geothermal Power Company N
C003142 W Power, LLC N
C000367 Wabash Valley Energy Marketing, Inc. N
C000045 Wabash Valley Power Association, Inc. N
C008889 Walleye Power, LLC N
C001243 Wallingford Energy LLC N
C010851 Wallingford Renewable Energy LLC N
C001407 Walnut Creek Energy, LLC N
C008945 Walnut Ridge Wind, LLC N
C002010 Walton County Power, LLC N
C010814 Wapello Solar LLC N
C001666 Wapsipinicon Wind Project, LLC N
C008744 Warren Generation, LLC N
C003001 Washakie Pipeline Company LLC N
C000429 Washington 10 Storage Corporation N
C011023 Washington 10 Storage Corporation N
C002013 Washington County Power, LLC N
C010424 Washington Crossing Field Services, LLC N
C001697 Washington Gas Light Company N
C002143 Washington Power Generation LLC N
C010686 Water Strider Solar, LLC N
C001764 Waterbury Generation LLC N
C005474 Waterford Power, LLC N
C002014 Waterside Power, LLC N
C001756 Watson Cogeneration Company N
C009077 Wattifi Inc. N
C004768 Waverly Wind Farm LLC N

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