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CID LEI GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C004796 2014 ESA Project Company, LLC N
C004858 2015 ESA Project Company, LLC N
C005451 2016 ESA Project Company, LLC N
C010320 2018 ESA Project Copmany, LLC N
C008984 3 Bear Delaware Operating-NM, LLC N
C010574 3 Bear Hat Mesa II - NM, LLC N
D004565 3 Phases Energy Services, LLC N
C005050 3 Phases Renewables Inc. N
C005096 360Recycling N
C002270 3C Solar LLC N
C002110 3Degrees Group, Inc. N
D003789 3dfx Interactive Inc. N
C010562 3PR Trading, Inc. N
C010482 41MB 8me, LLC N
C005239 4C Acquisition, LLC N
C010376 527 Energy N
C005389 5380 Frontier Energy Co. LLC N
C008789 54KR 8ME LLC N
C005138 62SK 8ME LLC N
C005176 63SU 8ME LLC N
C008986 64KT 8me LLC N
C010757 64NB 8me LLC N
C004808 65HK 8me LLC N
C004807 67RK 8me LLC N
C007621 83WI 8me, LLC N
C004809 87RL 8me LLC N
C010759 91MC 8me, LLC N
C010401 923 Corporation N
C005492 96WI 8ME, LLC N
C002277 A. Wilbert's Sons, LLC N
C010779 AB Lessee, LLC N
C003666 ABC Energy, LLC N
C003387 Abest Power & Gas, LLC N
C002237 ABN Energy, LLC N
C010150 AC Energy, LLC N
C000916 AC Landfill Energy, LLC N
C000604 Acacia Natural Gas, L.L.C. N
C000932 Acadian Gas Pipeline System N
C002910 Accent Energy Midwest II LLC N
C008827 Access Energy Solutions, LLC N
C010452 Acorn I Energy Storage, LLC N
C008931 ACT Commodities, Inc. N
C010486 Actual Energy, Inc. N
C009033 Adams Wind Farm, LLC N
C004771 Adelanto Solar II, LLC N
C004770 Adelanto Solar, LLC N
C010476 Adelphia Gateway, LLC N
C007592 ADG Group Inc. N
C001778 Advantage Energy, LLC N
C007616 AEM Wind, LLC N

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