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CID LEI LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C004840 SunE Solar XVII Project1, LLC N
C004841 SunE Solar XVII Project2, LLC N
C004842 SunE Solar XVII Project3, LLC N
C004000 Sunflower Electric Power Corporation N
C011875 Sunflower Energy Center, LLC N
C007665 Sunflower Solar LLC N
C005386 Sunflower Wind Project, LLC N
C012046 Sunlight Storage II, LLC N
C011404 Sunlight Storage, LLC N
C011525 Sunnybrook Farm Solar, LLC N
C011981 Sunnyside Cogeneration Associates N
C000077 Sunoco Pipeline L.P. N
C005098 Sunpin Solar Development, LLC N
C003121 SunPower Corporation, Systems N
C007610 Sunray Energy 2, LLC N
C007611 Sunray Energy 3 LLC N
C009052 Sunrise Pipeline LLC N
C001405 Sunrise Power Company, LLC N
C011682 Sunrise Wind LLC N
C008760 SunSea Energy, LLC N
C003567 Sunshine Gas Producers, LLC N
C010389 Sunshine Valley Solar, LLC N
C010640 Suntex Solar LLC N
C004532 Sunwave Gas & Power New York, Inc. N
C003899 Sunwave USA Holdings, Inc. N
C011740 SunZia Transmission, LLC N
C011739 SunZia Wind PowerCo LLC N
C011163 Superior Water Light & Power N
C001241 Susquehanna Nuclear, LLC N
C002188 Sustainable Star N
C003495 Sustaining Power Solutions LLC N
C003192 Susterra Energy, LLC N
C007708 Swamp Fox Solar, LLC N
C011862 Sweetland Wind Farm, LLC N
C010097 Sweetwater Solar, LLC N
C003034 SWEPI LP N
C003498 SWG Arapahoe, LLC N
C001926 SWG Colorado, LLC N
C003417 Switch Energy LLC N
C008850 Switched On, LLC N
C011713 Switchgrass Solar I, LLC N
C002272 SX Landfill Energy, LLC N
C001414 Sycamore Cogeneration Company N
C001216 Syracuse Energy Corporation N
C001621 Syracuse, L.L.C. N
C000852 System Energy Resources, Inc. N
D003628 Systrends USA, LLC N
D003627 Systrends USA, LLC N
D003626 Systrends USA, LLC N
D003625 Systrends USA, LLC N

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