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Market Share Screens  Results of MSS Market Power Studies
Pivotal Supplier Screens  Results of PSS Market Power Studies
Latest Asset Appendices Most-recently generated Asset Appendices of Filing Entities and their Affiliates. Returns Generation Assets, Vertical Assets, and Power Purchase Agreements by Ultimate Upstream Affiliation
Asset Appendix Repository Searchable Repository of the Automatically-Generated Asset Appendices by Serial Number, Filing Entity or Affiliate, Date, or Submission
Global Information Sheet  A Regional Summary of Market Power Studies
Company Dashboard  Company Dashboard
Deactivation Records  Deactivation Records

 Additional Data
Submission Summary  The Submission Status and whom filed MBR submissions
FERC Asset Submission Summary  Displays FERC Asset bulk submission data
FERC Asset Single Submission Summary  Displays FERC Asset single submission data
MBR Affiliations List  Displays a list of all affiliations reported in the MBR Database
 Market Share Screen Details  Under Construction
 Pivotal Supplier Screen Details  Under Construction

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