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CID LEI LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
GID0002997 Cavalier Solar N 2/15/2024
GID0002998 Trident Parent Holdings LLC N 3/8/2024
GID0002999 Trident Midco LLC N 3/8/2024
GID0003000 Trident AcquisitionCo LLC N 3/8/2024
GID0003001 Y 3/13/2024
GID0003002 Y 3/13/2024
GID0003003 Y 3/14/2024
GID0003004 Y 3/14/2024
GID0003005 Y 3/14/2024
GID0003006 Cardinals Preferred, LLC - C/O Arena Investors, LP N 3/19/2024
GID0003007 Power Investments, LLC - C/O Mason L. Miller N 3/19/2024
GID0003008 Invex Energia SAPI de CV N 3/19/2024
GID0003009 Groton Electric Light Department N 3/19/2024
GID0003010 IFM Holdings Pty Ltd N 3/19/2024
GID0003011 Lookout Ridge Energy GP, LLC N 3/19/2024
GID0003012 Cascade Engineering, Inc. N 3/21/2024
GID0003013 Hearty Fresh Inc. N 3/21/2024
GID0003014 Freshwater Solar LLC N 3/21/2024
GID0003015 TJB Holdings LLC N 3/25/2024
GID0003016 TJB Capital LLC N 3/25/2024
GID0003017 Y 3/27/2024
GID0003018 Y 3/27/2024
GID0003019 Y 3/28/2024
GID0003020 Y 3/29/2024
GID0003021 Y 3/29/2024
GID0003022 Y 4/2/2024
GID0003023 Y 4/10/2024
GID0003024 MN8 Energy Holdings LLC N 4/14/2024
GID0003025 Y 4/14/2024
GID0003026 Signal Peak Energy, LLC N 4/18/2024
GID0003027 Y 4/23/2024
GID0003028 Chevron Corporation N 4/30/2024
GID0003029 PGGM Cooperatie U.A. N 5/1/2024
GID0003030 Repsol S.A. N 5/6/2024
GID0003031 Maestre Energy Management, SL N 5/7/2024
GID0003032 Industry Super Holdings Pty Ltd N 5/14/2024
GID0003033 Spanish Grove N 5/15/2024
GID0003034 Camino del Sol Solar N 5/20/2024
GID0003035 Sundial Battery Storage Facility N 5/20/2024

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