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CID LEI LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C004872 Transource West Virginia, LLC N
C004615 Transource Wisconsin, LLC N
C000076 Transwestern Pipeline Company, LLC N
C010436 Traverse Wind Energy Holdings LLC N
C010433 Traverse Wind Energy LLC N
C004624 TRC N
C005165 Treetop Energy Partners LLC N
C010774 Trent River Solar Mile Lessee, LLC N
C010775 Trent River Solar, LLC N
C001337 Tres Palacios Gas Storage LLC N
C003836 Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Inc. N
C000420 Tri-States NGL Pipeline, LLC N
C000260 TriEagle Energy, LP N
C010838 Trieve, LLC N
C002000 Trigen-St. Louis Energy Corporation N
C001550 Trimont Wind I LLC N
C004874 Triolith Energy Fund L.P. N
C010535 Triple H Wind Project, LLC N
D008847 Tristate NLA, LLC N
C004782 Triton Energy, Inc. N
C002697 Triton Power Michigan LLC N
C010940 Trophy Pipeline, LLC N
C002325 Tropicana Manufacturing Company Inc. N
C005105 Tropico, LLC N
D003602 Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders LLP N
C001842 Troy Energy, LLC N
C010209 TRS Fuel Cell, LLC N
C003126 True North Energy, LLC N
C002456 TrueLight Commodities, LLC N
C002455 TrueLight Energy, LLC N
C000251 Trunkline Gas Company, LLC N
C002138 Tuana Gulch Wind Park, LLC N
C002167 Tuana Springs Energy, LLC N
C001184 Tucson Electric Power Company N
C011057 Tulare Solar Center, LLC N
C007602 Tule Wind LLC N
C010882 Tumbleweed Solar, LLC N
C011509 Turlock Irrigation District N
C002407 Turner Energy, LLC N
C010165 Turquoise Nevada LLC N
C008911 Turtle Creek Wind Farm LLC N
C000518 Tuscarora Gas Transmission Company N
C003028 Tuscola Bay Wind, LLC N
C003804 Tuscola Wind II, LLC N
C010363 TWE Bowman Solar Project, LLC N
C010417 Twiggs County Solar, LLC N
C007603 Twin Buttes Wind II LLC N
C001551 Twin Buttes Wind LLC N
C002029 Twin Cities Hydro LLC N
C001879 Twin Cities Power, LLC N

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