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CID LEI GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C000484 Woodland Biomass Power Ltd. N
C001614 Woodland Pulp LLC N
C008840 Woomera Energy, LLC N
C007628 World Fuel Services, Inc. N
C000951 Worsham-Steed Gas Storage, LLC N
C003635 WPPI Energy N
C001618 WPS Power Development, LLC N
C003455 WPX Energy Appalachia, LLC N
C003458 WPX Energy Gulf Coast, LP N
C003456 WPX Energy Keystone, LLC N
C003457 WPX Energy Mid-Continent Company N
C003453 WPX Energy Production, LLC N
C003454 WPX Energy Williston, LLC N
C010351 Wright Solar Park LLC N
C007682 Wrighter Energy LLC N
C001289 WSPP Inc. N
C000651 WTG Hugoton, LP N
C001692 Wyckoff Gas Storage Company, LLC N
C001853 Wyoming Colorado Intertie, LLC N
C000978 Wyoming Interstate Company, L.L.C. N
C007630 X-Elio North America INC N
C010720 XBRL Test Account 2 N
C010847 XBRL Test CID-DCH Consulting N
C010855 XBRL Test CID-Ez-XBRL Solutions Inc N
C007626 XBRL Test CID-Workiva Inc. N
C010870 XBRL Test CID– Enkuro Software LLC N
C010857 XBRL Test CID– Regulatory Economics Group, LLC N
C010906 XBRL Test CID– Rimini Street, Inc. N
C011091 XBRL Test CID–Advanced Computer Innovations, Inc. N
C010822 XBRL Test CID–DataTracks N
C010763 XBRL Test CID–Ernst & Young LLP N
C010800 XBRL Test CID–Hdata N
C010760 XBRL Test CID–Latitude Technologies Inc. and ESG Company N
C010758 XBRL Test CID–Mountain Ridge Media N
C010987 XBRL Test CID–Novaworks, LLC N
C010792 XBRL Test CID–P3 Data Systems, Inc. N
C011034 XBRL Test CID–RDG Filings N
C011060 XBRL Test CID–TRUE Companies N
C004704 Xcel Energy Southwest Transmission Company, LLC N
C004703 Xcel Energy Transmission Development Company, LLC N
C010809 XO Energy CAL, LP N
C002392 XO Energy MA, LP N
C002394 XO Energy MW, LP N
C002393 XO Energy NY, LP N
C003540 XO Energy SW, LP N
C002418 XOOM Energy, LLC N
C000946 XTO Energy Inc N
C001572 XTO Energy, Inc. N
C002131 Yahoo Creek Wind Park, LLC N

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