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CID LEI LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C000219 Rolling Hills Generating, L.L.C. N
C001772 Rolling Thunder I Power Partners, LLC N
C004794 Roosevelt Wind Project, LLC N
C009037 Rose Creek Wind, LLC N
C009038 Rose Wind Holdings, LLC N
C002817 Roseburg Forest Products N
C011637 Rosefield Pipeline Company, LLC N
C003385 Roseton Generating LLC N
C010339 Rosewater Wind Farm LLC N
C005221 Roswell Solar, LLC N
C001135 Roth Rock North Wind Farm, LLC N
C001134 Roth Rock Wind Farm, LLC N
C011840 Roundhouse Interconnect, LLC N
C011841 Roundhouse Renewable Energy II, LLC N
C010543 Roundhouse Renewable Energy, LLC N
C004612 Roundtop Energy LLC N
C011174 Route 66 Solar Energy Center, LLC N
C004602 Rover Pipeline LLC N
D004620 Roxana's Company N
D004621 Roxana's Company N
C002001 Royal Bank of Canada N
C003390 RPA Energy, Inc. N
C012065 RPC Power, LLC N
C000121 RRI Energy Services, LLC N
C003706 RS Cogen, LLC N
C004454 RTO Energy Trading, LLC N
C005485 Rubicon NYP Corp N
C000986 Ruby Pipeline, L.L.C. N
C010459 Ruff Solar LLC N
C001546 Rugby Wind LLC N
C010549 Rumford ESS, LLC N
C001967 Rumford Falls Hydro LLC N
C001728 Rumford Paper Company N
C000948 Rumford Power LLC N
C008980 Rush Springs Energy Storage, LLC N
C005429 Rush Springs Interconnection, LLC N
C005319 Rush Springs Wind Energy, LLC N
C004529 Rushmore Energy, LLC N
C003151 Russell City Energy Company, LLC N
C012164 Russellville Solar LLC N
C005334 Rutherford Farm, LLC N
C002326 RWE Clean Energy O&M, LLC N
C010691 RWE Clean Energy QSE, LLC N
C000472 RWE Clean Energy Solutions, Inc. N
C000473 RWE Clean Energy Wholesale Services, Inc. N
C006562 RWE Supply & Trading Americas, LLC N
C011652 RWE Supply & Trading US, LLC N
C012081 RWE Trading Americas Inc. N
C002646 S.J. Energy Partners, Inc. N
C005465 Saavi Energy Solutions, LLC N

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