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CID LEI LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C010241 Speedway Solar NC, LLC N
D004238 Sperian Energy N
C001174 Spindle Hill Energy LLC N
C002913 Spinning Spur Interconnect LLC N
C002911 Spinning Spur Wind LLC N
C002912 Spinning Spur Wind Two LLC N
C003144 Spion Kop Wind, LLC N
C001905 Spire NGL Inc. N
C010284 Spire STL Pipeline LLC N
C003073 Spire Storage West LLC N
C000953 Spokane Energy, LLC N
C011322 Spotlight Power LLC N
C010489 sPower Energy Marketing, LLC N
C004591 Spring Canyon Energy II LLC N
C004592 Spring Canyon Energy III LLC N
C001164 Spring Canyon Energy LLC N
C004593 Spring Canyon Interconnection LLC N
C003927 Spring Energy RRH, LLC N
C002868 Spring Valley Wind LLC N
C007575 Springdale Energy, LLC N
C001820 Spruance Genco, LLC N
C010180 Spruance Operating Services, LLC N
C004489 SPS Atwell Island, LLC N
C011562 Square Butte Electric Cooperative N
D004513 Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLP N
C010334 SR Arlington II MT, LLC N
C010210 SR Arlington II, LLC N
C011328 SR Arlington, LLC N
C010717 SR Baxley, LLC N
C011584 SR Bell Buckle, LLC N
C011583 SR Cedar Springs, LLC N
C011582 SR Clay, LLC N
C011588 SR DeSoto I Lessee, LLC N
C011581 SR DeSoto I, LLC N
C010719 SR Georgia Portfolio I MT, LLC N
C011036 SR Georgia Portfolio II Lessee, LLC N
C010355 SR Hazlehurst III, LLC N
C011478 SR Hazlehurst, LLC N
C011032 SR Lumpkin, LLC N
C011586 SR McKellar Lessee, LLC N
C011585 SR McKellar, LLC N
C010211 SR Meridian III, LLC N
C010086 SR Millington, LLC N
C011061 SR Perry, LLC N
C010583 SR Platte, LLC N
C010727 SR Rattlesnake, LLC N
C011033 SR Snipesville II, LLC N
C010512 SR Snipesville, LLC N
C005484 SR South Loving LLC N
C010511 SR Terrell, LLC N

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