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CID LEI LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C010468 Sooner Wind, LLC N
C000874 Sorrento Pipeline Company, LLC N
D011477 Sorrento Pipeline Company, LLC N
C003471 Source Power & Gas LLC N
C003919 South Bay Energy Corp. N
C003646 South Carolina Generating Company, Inc. N
C003669 South Carolina Public Service Authority N
D004278 South Carolina Public Service Authority N
C002787 South Chestnut LLC N
C001813 South Eastern Electric Development Corp. N
C001811 South Eastern Generating Corp. N
C010753 South Field Energy LLC N
C010588 South Fork Wind, LLC N
C011684 South Fork Wind, LLC N
C002405 South Hurlburt Wind, LLC N
C000914 South Jersey Energy Company N
C003123 South Jersey Energy ISO1, LLC N
C004983 South Jersey Energy ISO10, LLC N
C003124 South Jersey Energy ISO2, LLC N
C003549 South Jersey Energy ISO3, LLC N
C003565 South Jersey Energy ISO4, LLC N
C003575 South Jersey Energy ISO5, LLC N
C004757 South Jersey Energy ISO6, LLC N
C004758 South Jersey Energy ISO7, LLC N
C004759 South Jersey Energy ISO8, LLC N
C004982 South Jersey Energy ISO9, LLC N
C010247 South Peak Wind LLC N
C000362 South Point Energy Center, LLC N
C011460 South Portland ESS, LLC N
C011056 South River OnSite Generation, LLC N
D011206 Southampton Solar LLC N
C007701 Southampton Solar, LLC N
C003368 Southard Energy Partners, LLC N
C001028 Southcross Gulf Coast Transmission Ltd. N
C004015 Southcross Marketing Company Ltd. N
C004667 Southcross Nueces Pipelines LLC N
C001203 Southeast Supply Header, LLC N
C001725 Southeastern Power Administration N
C000041 Southern California Edison Company N
C002030 Southern California Gas Company N
C002379 Southern California Telephone Company N
C011490 Southern Company Services, Inc. N
C003610 Southern Company Services, Inc. (as Agent) N
C001559 Southern Electric Generating Company N
C002988 Southern Energy Solution Group, LLC N
C010554 Southern Illinois Generation Company, LLC N
C001009 Southern Indiana Gas and Electric Company, Inc. N
C000039 Southern LNG Company, L.L.C. N
C007684 Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative, Inc. N
C000021 Southern Natural Gas Company, L.L.C. N

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