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CID LEI GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C005374 Westside Solar, LLC N
C001036 WesTTex 66 Pipeline LLC N
C002091 Weyerhaeuser NR Company N
C001898 WGL Energy Services, Inc. N
C010681 WGP Redwood Holdings, LLC N
C001079 Wheat Field Wind Power Project LLC N
C011009 Wheatridge Solar Energy Center, LLC N
C010618 Wheatridge Wind Energy, LLC N
C010619 Wheatridge Wind II, LLC N
C003502 Wheelabrator Baltimore, L.P. N
C002093 Wheelabrator Bridgeport, L.P. N
C010146 Wheelabrator Concord Company, L.P. N
C003846 Wheelabrator Falls Inc. N
C001989 Wheelabrator Frackville Energy Company Inc. N
C003847 Wheelabrator Millbury Inc. N
C008936 Wheelabrator Millbury Inc. N
C001990 Wheelabrator North Andover Inc. N
C001991 Wheelabrator Portsmouth Inc. N
C001992 Wheelabrator Ridge Energy Inc. N
C003848 Wheelabrator Saugus Inc. N
C001994 Wheelabrator South Broward Inc. N
C001988 Wheelabrator Westchester, L.P. N
C000538 Wheeling Power Company N
C011042 Whistler Pipeline LLC N
D003606 White & Case LLP N
D003607 White & Case LLP N
D003609 White & Case LLP N
C002321 White Cliffs Pipeline, L.L.C. N
C010499 White Cloud Wind Project, LLC N
C002617 White Creek Wind I, LLC N
C001419 White Oak Energy LLC N
C005192 White Oak Solar, LLC N
C002590 White Pine Electric Power L.L.C. N
C005167 White Pine Solar, LLC N
C001089 White River Hub, LLC N
C000833 Whitecap Pipeline Company, L.L.C. N
C010552 Whitehorn Solar LLC N
C010463 Whitetail Solar 1, LLC N
C010620 Whitetail Solar 2, LLC N
C010616 Whitetail Solar 3, LLC N
C001980 Whitewater Hill Wind Partners, LLC N
C001757 Whiting Clean Energy, Inc. N
C001296 Whiting Oil & Gas Corporation N
C010357 Whitney Hill Wind Power, LLC N
C005373 Whitney Point Solar, LLC N
C010453 Wildcat I Energy Storage, LLC N
C008962 Wildcat Ranch Wind Project, LLC N
C002990 Wildcat Wind Farm I, LLC N
C002971 Wildcat Wind, LLC N
C010446 Wilderness Line Holdings, LLC N

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