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CID LEI LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C010148 Atlantic Coast Pipeline, LLC N
C004967 Atlantic Coast Pipeline, LLC N
C005292 Atlantic Energy LLC N
C005294 Atlantic Energy MA LLC N
C005293 Atlantic Energy MD, LLC N
C003990 Atlantic Power and Gas LLC N
D004040 Atlantic Power Corporation N
C000457 Atlantic Power Energy Services (US) LLC N
C001508 Atlantic Renewable Projects II LLC N
C011830 Atlas Solar, III, LLC N
C001020 Atmos Energy - Kentucky/Mid-States Division N
C003008 Atmos Energy Corporation N
C001019 Atmos Pipeline-Texas N
C003395 ATO Power, Inc. N
C012022 Atrisco Energy Storage LLC N
C012018 Atrisco Solar LLC N
C000324 Auburndale Peaker Energy Center, L.L.C. N
C005254 Aurora Generation, LLC N
C010592 Aurora Wind Project, LLC N
C003139 AV Solar Ranch 1, LLC N
C005062 Avalon Solar Partners II LLC N
C004572 Avalon Solar Partners, LLC N
C001517 Avangrid Arizona Renewables, LLC N
C001526 Avangrid Renewables, LLC N
C011379 Avangrid Service Company N
C002313 Avenal Park LLC N
C000379 Avista Corporation N
C003111 Axium Modesto Solar, LLC N
C005134 Axpo U.S. LLC N
C010342 AZ Solar 1, LLC N
C007660 B Alcazar LLC N
C007680 B&W Pipeline, LLC N
C000372 B-R Pipeline, LLC N
C000561 Backbone Mountain Windpower LLC N
D003741 Backyard Farms Energy LLC N
C002607 Backyard Farms Energy LLC N
D011359 Baconton Power LLC N
C001613 Baconton Power LLC N
C003331 Badger Creek Limited N
C000562 Badger Windpower, LLC N
C011564 Bakeoven Solar, LLC N
D003766 Baker Botts L.L.P. N
C003958 Bakken Pipeline Company LP N
C003415 BakkenLink Pipeline LLC N
C002222 Balance Power Systems, LLC N
D003608 Balch & Bingham LLP N
C010615 Baldwin Wind Energy, LLC N
C001690 Baldwin Wind, LLC N
C011802 Baldy Mesa Solar, LLC N
C004810 Balko Wind Transmission, LLC N

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