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CID LEI GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C004964 Baltimore Power Company LLC N
C002338 Banner Transportation Company L.L.C. N
C010083 Banquete Hub LLC N
C001917 Barclays Bank PLC N
C001916 Barclays Capital Energy Inc. N
C003994 Bargain Energy, LLC N
C004433 Barrick Goldstrike Mines Inc. N
C001507 Barton Chapel Wind, LLC N
C001509 Barton Windpower LLC N
C003155 Bartram Lane LLC N
C001918 Basin Creek Equity Partners, L.L.C. N
C003849 Basin Electric Power Cooperative N
C007571 Bath County Energy, LLC N
C000758 Baton Rouge Pipeline LLC N
C003475 Battery Utility of Ohio, LLC N
C010682 Battle Mountain SP, LLC N
C001160 Bay Gas Storage Company, LLC. N
C011050 Bay Tree Lessee, LLC N
C011049 Bay Tree Solar, LLC N
D010169 Bay4 Energy Services, LLC N
C010249 Bayonne Energy Center, LLC N
C002388 Bayonne Energy Center, LLC N
C001098 Bayonne Plant Holding, L.L.C. N
C005149 Bayou Bridge Pipeline LLC N
C000782 Bayou Cove Peaking Power, LLC N
C005302 Bayshore Solar A, LLC N
C005303 Bayshore Solar B, LLC N
C005304 Bayshore Solar C, LLC N
C001353 Bayswater Peaking Facility, LLC N
C002249 BBPC, LLC N
C001487 BBT Alabama Intrastate, LLC N
C000926 BBT Alabama, LLC N
C001023 BBT AlaTenn, LLC N
C006560 BBT Bamagas Intrastate, LLC N
C004821 BBT Mid Louisiana Gas Transmission, LLC N
C001024 BBT Midla, LLC N
C001029 BBT Mississippi, LLC N
C003697 BBT SIGCO Intrastate, LLC N
C001700 BBT Trans-Union Interstate Pipeline, L.P. N
C000917 BC Landfill Energy, LLC N
D009031 BCC, LLC N
C001573 BE Alabama LLC N
C001580 BE Allegheny LLC N
C001597 BE CA LLC N
C001574 BE Ironwood LLC N
C001582 BE KJ LLC N
C001598 BE Louisiana LLC N
C001575 BE Rayle LLC N
C003245 Beacom Energy, Inc. N
C005397 Beacon Solar 1, LLC N

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