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CID LEI GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C003424 Alta Wind XI, LLC N
C001686 AltaGas Brush Energy Inc. N
C005075 AltaGas Pomona Energy Inc. N
C004725 AltaGas Ripon Energy Inc. N
C010787 Altamont Winds LLC N
C010794 Altavista Solar, LLC N
C003959 Altenex Power Marketing, LLC N
C004623 Alterna Springerville LLC N
C002589 Alternate Power Source Inc., N
C007711 Altus Midstream Pipeline LP N
C004692 AM Commodities Corporation N
C004848 Amazon Energy LLC N
D004963 Amazon Energy, LLC N
D010121 Ambit Northeast, LLC N
C005139 Ambit Northeast, LLC N
C000746 Ameren Illinois Company N
C003986 Ameren Illinois Company N
C002196 Ameren Transmission Company of Illinois N
C000751 AmerenEnergy Medina Valley Cogen, L.L.C. N
C000140 American Electric Power Service Corporation N
C005495 American Falls Solar II, LLC N
C005494 American Falls Solar, LLC N
C003212 American Illuminating Company, LLC N
C010675 American Kings Solar, LLC N
C004908 American LED and Energy, Corp. N
C001487 American Midstream (Alabama Intrastate), LLC N
C001488 American Midstream (Louisiana Intrastate), LLC N
C003697 American Midstream (SIGCO Intrastate), LLC N
C002207 American Midstream Onshore Pipelines, LLC N
C003499 American Municipal Power, Inc. N
D008992 American Municipal Power, Inc. N
C005217 American Panther, LLC N
C003181 American Power & Gas, LLC N
D003745 American PowerNet N
C002119 American Powernet Management, LP N
C010474 American Transmission Company LLC N
C000319 American Transmission Systems, Incorporated N
C002485 AmericaWide Energy, LLC N
C005248 Americhoice Energy IL, LLC N
C005249 Americhoice Energy OH, LLC N
C005250 Americhoice Energy PA, LLC N
C002477 Amerigreen Energy, Inc. N
C000416 Amoco Capline Pipeline Company N
C010545 AMP Intrastate Pipeline, LLC N
C010130 AMP Transmission, LLC N
C005357 Ampex Energy, LLC N
C003059 Amplified Power & Gas, LLC N
C003322 Anahau Energy, LLC N
D003921 Anahau Energy, LLC N
C003726 Andeavor Gathering I LLC N

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