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CID LEI GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C002357 Bonneville Power Administration N
D004415 Border Energy Electric Services, Inc N
C002197 Border Energy Electric Services, Inc. N
C001869 Border Energy, Inc. N
C003965 Border Winds Energy, LLC N
C010923 Borderlands Wind, LLC N
C001386 Boston Energy Trading and Marketing LLC N
C001659 Boston Gas Company N
C005284 Boulder Solar II, LLC N
C005286 Boulder Solar III, LLC N
C005278 Boulder Solar Power, LLC N
C002952 Bounce Energy NY, LLC N
C002953 Bounce Energy PA, LLC N
C009006 Bowfin KeyCon Energy, LLC N
C009005 Bowfin KeyCon Power, LLC N
C001123 BP Energy Company N
C010963 BP Energy Retail LLC N
C008763 BP Midstream Partners LP N
C010849 BP Midwest Product Pipelines Holdings LLC N
C000400 BP Oil Pipeline Company N
C000399 BP Pipelines (North America) Inc. N
C000424 BP Transportation (Alaska) Inc. N
C001755 BP West Coast Products LLC N
D003887 Bracewell LLP N
C005363 Brady Interconnection, LLC N
C005317 Brady Wind II, LLC N
C005316 Brady Wind, LLC N
C007591 Branch7 Test Company N
C003206 Brandon Shores LLC N
C011075 Branscomb Solar, LLC N
C009009 Brantley Farm Solar, LLC N
C000459 Brayton Point Energy, LLC N
C002839 Brea Generation LLC N
C002840 Brea Power II, LLC N
C005161 Breadbasket LLC N
C004792 Breckinridge Wind Project, LLC N
C005509 BREG Aggregator LLC N
C003598 BreitBurn Operating L.P. N
C010188 Brickyard Hills Project, LLC N
C000826 Bridgeline Holdings, L.P. N
C000706 Bridgeport Energy LLC N
C003477 Bridgeport Fuel Cell, LLC N
C001302 Bridger Pipeline LLC N
C004564 BridgeTex Pipeline Company, LLC N
C010135 Bridgewater Power Company, L.P. N
C010823 Briel Farm Solar, LLC N
C005408 Brigham Young University N
C000327 Broad River Energy LLC N
C010239 Broad River Solar, LLC N
C010191 Broadlands Wind Farm LLC N

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