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CID LEI GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C000636 Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corporation N
C007569 Arkwright Summit Wind Farm LLC N
C010925 Arlington Solar, LLC N
C001685 Arlington Storage Company, LLC N
C003491 Arlington Valley Solar Energy II, LLC N
C000704 Arlington Valley, LLC N
C001077 Arlington Wind Power Project LLC N
C008954 Armadillo Flats Wind Project, LLC N
C001937 Armenia Mountain Wind, LLC N
C001837 Armstrong Power, LLC N
D004468 Arnold & Porter N
C004806 Arrow Energy RRH, LLC N
C003897 Arrowhead Eagle Ford Pipeline, LLC N
C010598 Arrowhead Eagle Ford Pipeline, LLC N
C010600 Arrowhead Gathering Company, LLC N
C005218 Arrowhead Gulf Coast Pipeline, LLC N
C010599 Arrowhead Ingleside Pipeline, LLC N
C001095 Arrowhead Louisiana Gathering LLC N
C010354 Arrowhead Nueces Bay, LLC N
C003037 Arrowhead Offshore Pipeline, LLC N
C010597 Arrowhead South Texas Pipeline, LLC N
C000780 Arthur Kill Power LLC N
C002255 ASC Energy Services, Inc. N
D007566 Ashley Energy LLC N
C007567 Ashley Energy LLC N
C010310 Ashtabula Wind I, LLC N
C000560 Ashtabula Wind II, LLC N
C002098 Ashtabula Wind III, LLC N
C000558 Ashtabula Wind, LLC N
C002361 Aspen Merchant Energy, LP N
C004903 Aspirity Energy Northeast LLC N
C004904 Aspirity Energy, LLC N
C010649 Assembly Solar I, LLC N
C010939 Assembly Solar II, LLC N
C010587 Assembly Solar, LLC N
C003472 Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. N
D004029 Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. N
C005040 Associated Renewable Inc. N
C001975 Astoria Energy II LLC N
C001427 Astoria Energy LLC N
C000781 Astoria Gas Turbine Power LLC N
C000175 Astoria Generating Company, L.P. N
C003930 Astral Energy LLC N
C002228 Athens Energy, LLC N
C002381 Atlanta Gas Light Company N
C001466 Atlantic City Electric Company N
C003232 Atlantic Coast Energy Corporation N
C010148 Atlantic Coast Pipeline, LLC N
C004967 Atlantic Coast Pipeline, LLC N
C005292 Atlantic Energy LLC N

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