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CID LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C003266 Big Blue Wind Farm, LLC N
C000783 Big Cajun I Peaking Power LLC N
C010152 Big Country Datalec LLC N
C001511 Big Horn II Wind Project LLC N
D011120 Big Horn Rural Electric Company N
C001510 Big Horn Wind Project LLC N
C009014 Big Level Wind LLC N
C010992 Big River Solar, LLC N
C003694 Big Rivers Electric Corporation N
C000211 Big Sandy Peaker Plant, LLC N
C002443 Big Sandy Pipeline, LLC N
C003084 Big Savage, LLC N
C009004 Big Sky North, LLC N
C001379 Big Sky Wind, LLC N
C005406 Big Turtle Interconnection, LLC N
C010907 BigBeau Solar, LLC N
C008795 Bighorn DevCo LLC N
C010908 Bighorn Solar 1, LLC N
C004616 Binghamton BOP LLC N
C011234 Bio Energy (Ohio II), LLC N
C003923 Biofuels Washington, LLC N
C005037 BioUrja Power, LLC N
C001485 Birchwood Power Partners, L.P. N
C010096 Birdsboro Power LLC N
C002810 Bishop Hill Energy II LLC N
C002811 Bishop Hill Energy III LLC N
C002809 Bishop Hill Energy LLC N
C002870 Bishop Hill Interconnection LLC N
C000627 Bison Pipeline LLC N
C005290 Bison Solar LLC N
C003251 BITH Energy, Inc. N
C003250 BITH Solar 1, LLC N
C010643 Bitter Ridge Wind Farm, LLC N
C001108 BIV Generation Company, L.L.C. N
C001010 BJ Energy, LLC N
C002501 BKEP Pipeline, L.L.C. N
C001900 BKEP Pipeline, L.P. N
C003492 Black Bear Development Holdings, LLC N
C002047 Black Bear Hydro Partners, LLC N
C003420 Black Bear Liquids, LLC N
C003316 Black Bear SO, LLC N
C001696 Black Hills Colorado Electric, LLC N
C002286 Black Hills Colorado IPP, LLC N
C003087 Black Hills Colorado Wind, LLC N
C010095 Black Hills Electric Generation, LLC N
C001693 Black Hills Energy Arkansas, Inc. N
C001653 Black Hills Gas Distribution LLC N
C001421 Black Hills Power, Inc. N
C011022 Black Hills Service Company, LLC N

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