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CID LEI GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C002558 Agua Caliente Solar, LLC N
C002620 Air Liquide N
C007605 Air Products and Chemicals - Taft N
C010386 Airport Solar LLC N
C008967 AL Mesquite Marketing, LLC N
C002016 AL Sandersville, LLC N
C005166 AL Solar A, LLC N
D005240 AL-MAR SAN N
C000210 Alabama Electric Marketing, LLC N
C001552 Alabama Power Company N
C011150 Alaska Electric Light and Power Company N
C005505 Albany Green Energy, LLC N
C010780 Albemarle Beach Solar, LLC N
C001462 Albertsons Companies, Inc. N
C001330 Alcoa Power Generating Inc. N
C001331 Alcoa Power Marketing LLC N
C004867 Alexander Wind Farm, LLC N
C002533 Algonquin Energy Services Inc. N
C000084 Algonquin Gas Transmission, LLC N
C011175 Algonquin New Market Solar ProjectCo 1, LLC N
C011176 Algonquin New Market Solar ProjectCo 2, LLC N
C005527 Algonquin Power Sanger LLC N
C002536 Algonquin Power Windsor Locks LLC N
C005308 Algonquin SKIC 10 Solar, LLC N
C005314 Algonquin SKIC 20 Solar, LLC N
C002535 Algonquin Tinker Gen Co. N
C010638 Alkali Solar LLC N
C008862 All American Power and Gas, LLC N
C010901 All Choice Energy MidAmerica LLC N
C008729 All Choice Energy, LLC N
C003718 All Dams Generation, LLC N
C008762 All Pro Case Management N
C003663 Allegany Generating Station LLC N
C000908 Allegheny Energy Supply Company, LLC N
C000911 Allegheny Generating Company N
C001625 Allegheny Ridge Wind Farm, LLC N
C002897 ALLETE Clean Energy, Inc. N
C001673 ALLETE, Inc. N
C001892 Alliance Energy Marketing, LLC N
D003672 Alliance For Cooperative Energy Services Power Marketing LLC N
C001831 Alliance For Cooperative Energy Services Power Marketing LLC N
C002991 Alliance NYGT, LLC N
C000118 Alliance Pipeline L.P. N
C000690 Alliant Energy Corporate Services, Inc. N
C002687 Allied Energy Resources Corporation N
C004831 Alpaca Energy LLC N
C003106 Alpaugh 50, LLC N
C003108 Alpaugh North, LLC N
C004971 Alpha Crude Connector, LLC N
C002238 Alpha Gas and Electric LLC N

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