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CID LEI LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C003492 Black Bear Development Holdings, LLC N
C002047 Black Bear Hydro Partners, LLC N
C003420 Black Bear Liquids, LLC N
C003316 Black Bear SO, LLC N
C001696 Black Hills Colorado Electric, LLC N
C002286 Black Hills Colorado IPP, LLC N
C003087 Black Hills Colorado Wind, LLC N
C011432 Black Hills Corporation N
C010095 Black Hills Electric Generation, LLC N
C001693 Black Hills Energy Arkansas, Inc. N
C001653 Black Hills Gas Distribution LLC N
C001421 Black Hills Power, Inc. N
C011022 Black Hills Service Company, LLC N
C004686 Black Hills Shoshone Pipeline, LLC N
C010420 Black Hills Wyoming Gas, LLC N
C001453 Black Hills Wyoming, LLC N
C010596 Black Hills/Kansas Gas Utility Company, LLC N
C000419 Black Lake Pipeline Company N
C001032 Black Marlin Pipeline LLC N
C002704 Black Oak Capital, LLC N
C000880 Black Oak Energy, LLC N
D004042 Black Oak Power Producers, LLC N
C005102 Black Oak Wind, LLC N
C002867 Black River Commodity Energy Fund LLC N
C001564 Black River Hydroelectric, LLC N
C002866 Black River Macro Discretionary Fund Ltd. N
C010944 Black Rock Wind Force, LLC N
C004530 Blackspring Ridge I Wind Project GP Inc. N
C001833 Blackstone Power Generation LLC N
C001061 Blackstone Wind Farm II LLC N
C001069 Blackstone Wind Farm, LLC N
C004619 Blackwell Solar, LLC N
C010994 Blackwell Wind Energy, LLC N
C002849 Blackwell Wind, LLC N
C007704 Bladen Solar, LLC N
C010627 Blooming Grove Wind Energy Center LLC N
C010264 Blossburg Power, LLC N
C002939 BluCo Energy LLC N
C001082 Blue Canyon Windpower II LLC N
C001081 Blue Canyon Windpower LLC N
C001084 Blue Canyon Windpower V LLC N
C002400 Blue Canyon Windpower VI LLC N
C010099 Blue Cloud Wind Energy, LLC N
C002184 Blue Creek Wind Farm LLC N
C004824 Blue Cube Operations LLC N
C002291 Blue Dolphin Pipe Line Company N
C011452 Blue Harvest Solar Park LLC N
C000625 Blue Lake Gas Storage Company N
C011339 Blue Mountain Midstream LLC N
C002240 Blue Pilot Energy, LLC N

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