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CID LEI GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C000629 Calnev Pipe Line LLC N
C000439 CalPeak Power - Border LLC N
C000441 CalPeak Power - Enterprise LLC N
C000442 CalPeak Power - Panoche LLC N
C000443 CalPeak Power - Vaca Dixon LLC N
C000444 CalPeak Power LLC N
C004584 Calpine Acquisition Company II, LLC N
C004577 Calpine Acquisition Company, LLC N
C001373 Calpine Bethlehem, LLC N
C000328 Calpine Construction Finance Company, L.P. N
C000329 Calpine Energy Services, L.P. N
C002017 Calpine Energy Solutions, LLC N
C000335 Calpine Fore River Energy Center, LLC N
C000330 Calpine Gilroy Cogen, L.P. N
C002445 Calpine Greenleaf, Inc. N
C010194 Calpine King City Cogen, LLC N
C001375 Calpine Mid Merit, LLC N
C001376 Calpine Mid-Atlantic Generation, LLC N
C001377 Calpine Mid-Atlantic Marketing, LLC N
C008938 Calpine Mid-Merit II, LLC N
C001372 Calpine New Jersey Generation, LLC N
C000242 Calpine Newark, LLC N
C010569 Calpine Northeast Development, LLC N
C000332 Calpine Power America - CA, LLC N
C000380 Calpine Texas Pipeline, L.P. N
C001374 Calpine Vineland Solar, LLC N
C001838 Calumet Energy Team, LLC N
C002947 Calumet Pipeline Transportation, LLC N
C001116 Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant, LLC N
C002229 Cambria CoGen Company N
D010478 Cambria Wind, LLC N
C010484 Cambria Wind, LLC N
C002965 Camden County Energy Recovery Associates, L.P. N
C001105 Camden Plant Holding, L.L.C. N
C001157 Cameron Interstate Pipeline, LLC N
C005008 Cameron Ridge II, LLC N
C004580 Cameron Ridge, LLC N
C008878 Camilla Solar Energy LLC N
C001721 Camp Grove Wind Farm LLC N
C002128 Camp Reed Wind Park, LLC N
C004954 Campbell County Wind Farm, LLC N
C003511 Campo Verde Solar, LLC N
C003134 Canadian Hills Wind, LLC N
C010198 Canal 3 Generating LLC N
C008747 Canal Generating LLC N
C001500 Canandaigua Power Partners II, LLC N
C001499 Canandaigua Power Partners, LLC N
C002611 Canastota Windpower, LLC N
C002618 Caney River Wind Project, LLC N
C007675 Canton Mountain Wind, LLC N

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