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CID LEI GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C005421 Broadview Energy JN, LLC N
C005422 Broadview Energy KW, LLC N
C002273 Broadway Energy Group N
C004051 Broken Bow Wind II, LLC N
C002979 Broken Bow Wind, LLC N
C010394 Bronco Plains Wind, LLC N
C001959 Brookfield Energy Marketing Inc. N
C001149 Brookfield Energy Marketing LP N
C001960 Brookfield Energy Marketing US LLC N
C001962 Brookfield Power Piney & Deep Creek LLC N
C001961 Brookfield Renewable Energy Marketing US LLC N
C010149 Brookfield Renewable Trading and Marketing LP N
C003193 Brookfield Smoky Mountain Hydropower LP N
C000666 Brookfield White Pine Hydro LLC N
C002034 Brooklyn Navy Yard Cogeneration Partners, L.P. N
D003705 Brown Williams Moorhead & Quinn, Inc. N
C004986 Brown's Energy Services, LLC N
C011084 BRP Capital & Trade LLC N
C002043 Bruce Power Inc. N
C001227 Brunner Island, LLC N
C008739 Brunot Island Power, LLC N
C003283 Brunswick Cellulose LLC N
C008798 Buchanan Energy Services Company, LLC N
C000909 Buchanan Generation, LLC N
C003980 Buckeye Linden Pipe Line Company LLC N
C000155 Buckeye NGL Pipe Lines LLC N
C000151 Buckeye Pipe Line Company, L.P. N
C000152 Buckeye Pipe Line Transportation LLC N
C010859 Buckeye Plains II Solar Project, LLC N
C010858 Buckeye Plains Solar Project, LLC N
C002447 Buckeye Power, Inc. N
C004832 Buckeye Wind Energy LLC N
C009046 Buckleberry Solar, LLC N
D004751 Bucksport Generation LLC N
D004754 Bucksport Generation LLC N
C003976 Bucksport Generation LLC N
D004752 Bucksport Mill LLC N
C003000 Bucksport Mill LLC N
C001627 Buena Vista Energy, LLC N
C003725 Buffalo Dunes Wind Project, LLC N
C001512 Buffalo Ridge I LLC N
C001513 Buffalo Ridge II LLC N
C010487 Bulb Energy US Inc. N
C010469 Bulb US LLC N
C001689 Bull Creek Wind LLC N
C007705 Bullock Solar, LLC N
C003828 Burgess Biopower LLC N
C002680 Burgess Capital LLC N
C010309 Burke Wind, LLC N
C002132 Burley Butte Wind Park, LLC N

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