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CID LEI GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C003812 Capacity Markets Partners, LLC N
C004512 Capital Energy LLC N
C010524 Capital Energy PA LLC N
C001921 Capitol District Energy Center Cogeneration Associates N
C011051 Capline Pipeline Company LLC N
C005348 Caprock Solar I LLC N
C001630 Caprock Wind LLC N
D010695 Carbon Free Group N
D011121 Carbon Power & Light, Inc. N
C001888 Cardinal Ethanol, LLC N
C010416 Cardinal Point LLC N
D004397 Cargill Power Markets, LLC N
C001848 Cargill Power Markets, LLC N
C003035 Caribbean Diving Contractors, LLC N
C008869 Carlsbad Energy Center LLC N
C000190 Carolina Gas Transmission, LLC N
C008891 Carolina Power Partners, LLC N
C008876 Carolina Solar Power, LLC N
C004937 Carousel Wind Farm, LLC N
C001963 Carr Street Generating Station, L.P. N
C003007 Carriell, Inc. N
C007646 Carroll County Energy LLC N
C003353 Carson Cogeneration Company LP N
C010128 Carson Hybrid Energy Storage LLC N
C001144 Carthage Energy, LLC N
C000334 Carville Energy LLC N
C008958 Casa Mesa Wind, LLC N
C011082 Cascade Energy Storage, LLC N
C000719 Casco Bay Energy Company, LLC N
C010558 Cassadaga Wind LLC N
C001514 Casselman Windpower LLC N
C002166 Cassia Gulch Wind Park, LLC N
C002702 Castlebridge Energy Group LLC N
C000386 Castleton Commodities Merchant Trading L.P. N
C000520 Castleton Energy Services, LLC N
C000396 Castleton Power, LLC N
C004709 Catalina Solar 2, LLC N
C004658 Catalina Solar 2, LLC N
C003507 Catalina Solar Lessee, LLC N
C003237 Catalina Solar, LLC N
C010602 Catalyst Old River Hydroelectric Limited Partnership N
C010785 Catalyst Power & Gas LLC N
C010784 Catalyst Power REPCo LLC N
C002957 Cayuga Operating Company LLC N
C001844 CCES LLC N
C003486 CCFC Sutter Energy, LLC N
C001329 CCPS Transportation, LLC N
C004557 CCR Pipeline, LLC N
D003829 CDM Smith Inc. N
C003464 CE Leathers Company N

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