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CID LEI GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C004838 CED Atwell Island West, LLC N
C004837 CED Corcoran Solar 2, LLC N
C004836 CED Corcoran Solar, LLC N
C011015 CED Crane Solar, LLC N
C005500 CED Ducor Solar 1, LLC N
C005501 CED Ducor Solar 2, LLC N
C005502 CED Ducor Solar 3, LLC N
C005510 CED Ducor Solar 4, LLC N
C004444 CED White River Solar 2, LLC N
C003381 CED White River Solar, LLC N
C008946 CED Wistaria Solar, LLC N
C005001 Cedar Bay Generating Company, Limited Partnership N
C004955 Cedar Bluff Wind, LLC N
C001585 Cedar Brakes I, L.L.C. N
C001599 Cedar Brakes II, L.L.C. N
C002169 Cedar Creek II, LLC N
C001628 Cedar Creek Wind Energy, LLC N
C002274 Cedar Point Wind, LLC N
C010380 Cedar River Transmission, LLC N
C010633 Cedar Springs Transmission LLC N
C010634 Cedar Springs Wind III, LLC N
C010632 Cedar Springs Wind, LLC N
C001672 Cedars Rapids Transmission Company Limited N
C002818 CEI Pipeline, L.L.C. N
C002649 Celerity Energy Partners San Diego LLC N
C004726 Celesta Energy, Inc. N
C000686 Cenex Pipeline, LLC N
C002279 Censtar Energy Corp. N
C004911 Censtar Operating Company, LLC N
C000113 Centana Intrastate Pipeline, LLC N
C001047 Centennial Pipeline LLC N
D007706 Center for Biological Diversity N
C010841 Centerfield Cooper Solar, LLC N
C002012 CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric, LLC N
C003042 CenterPoint Energy Resources Corp. - Arkansas Gas N
C003512 Centinela Solar Energy, LLC N
C001974 Centra Pipelines Minnesota Inc. N
C010637 Central 40, LLC N
C005113 Central Antelope Dry Ranch B LLC N
C004711 Central Antelope Dry Ranch C LLC N
C001025 Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation N
C000308 Central Kentucky Transmission Company N
C011113 Central Line Solar, LLC N
C000615 Central Maine Power Company N
C001576 Central Power & Lime LLC N
C002603 Centre Lane Trading Ltd. N
C010815 Centrica Business Solutions Optimize, LLC N
C001452 Centurion Pipeline L.P. N
C010089 Centurion SENM Gathering LP N
C004871 Century Marketer LLC N

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