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CID LEI GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
GID0000179 Smoke tes October 22th N 10/22/2020
GID0000180 Y 10/22/2020
GID0000181 Burke N 10/22/2020
GID0000182 River Dale N 10/22/2020
GID0000183 Y 10/22/2020
GID0000184 Smoke test Octobers 22 N 10/22/2020
GID0000185 Smoke test October 22th bulk N 10/22/2020
GID0000186 Y 10/22/2020
GID0000187 Smoke test Oct 25th N 10/25/2020
GID0000188 Smoke test October 25 N 10/25/2020
GID0000189 Y 10/25/2020
GID0000190 Pre health check 115 N 11/5/2020
GID0000191 pre health check 11 5 N 11/5/2020
GID0000192 Y 11/5/2020
GID0000193 Ent PPa N 11/5/2020
GID0000194 Smoke test nov 5 N 11/5/2020
GID0000195 Smoke Test Nov 5th N 11/5/2020
GID0000196 Y 11/5/2020
GID0000197 Smoke Test Nov 19 N 11/19/2020
GID0000198 Smoke Test Nov 19th N 11/19/2020
GID0000199 Y 11/19/2020
GID0000200 Path Finder N 11/19/2020
GID0000201 River Lake N 11/19/2020
GID0000202 Y 11/19/2020
GID0000203 Smoketest Nov 19 N 11/19/2020
GID0000204 Smoketest Nov 19th N 11/19/2020
GID0000205 Y 11/19/2020
GID0000206 Rivian N 12/3/2020
GID0000207 target test N 12/3/2020
GID0000208 Sun N 12/3/2020
GID0000209 Y 12/3/2020
GID0000210 Greenwave Energy LLC N 12/8/2020
GID0000211 Pitsburg N 12/17/2020
GID0000212 Kapital N 12/17/2020
GID0000213 Y 12/17/2020
GID0000214 Test Company N 12/17/2020
GID0000215 Sunny N 12/17/2020
GID0000216 Y 12/17/2020
GID0000217 Mount Rose N 12/18/2020
GID0000218 Y 12/18/2020
GID0000219 ACME Nima Road Runner 1 N 12/18/2020
GID0000220 Test12 N 12/18/2020
GID0000221 Potomac N 12/18/2020
GID0000222 EN12121212 N 12/28/2020
GID0000223 Enkuro Test N 12/29/2020
GID0000224 Mount Fred N 12/30/2020
GID0000225 Y 12/30/2020
GID0000226 Genn ID N 12/30/2020
GID0000227 SA Tech N 12/30/2020
GID0000228 Y 12/30/2020

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