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CID LEI GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
GID0000260 LegalEntity31 N 1/27/2021
GID0000261 LegalEntity32 N 1/27/2021
GID0000262 LegalEntity33 N 1/27/2021
GID0000263 LegalEntity34 N 1/27/2021
GID0000264 LegalEntity35 N 1/27/2021
GID0000265 LegalEntity41 N 1/27/2021
GID0000266 LegalEntity42 N 1/27/2021
GID0000267 LegalEntity43 N 1/27/2021
GID0000268 LegalEntity44 N 1/27/2021
GID0000269 LegalEntity45 N 1/27/2021
GID0000270 ACME Nima Road Runner 12021 N 1/28/2021
GID0000271 Prod Smoketest MR N 1/28/2021
GID0000272 Y 1/28/2021
GID0000273 MR Test1 N 1/28/2021
GID0000274 Links Technology TEST CO N 1/31/2021
GID0000275 SmokeTest2021 N 2/11/2021
GID0000276 Mount Fred20212021 N 2/11/2021
GID0000277 Y 2/11/2021
GID0000278 Smoketest A1 N 2/11/2021
GID0000279 Y 2/11/2021
GID0000280 Y 2/15/2021
GID0000281 Y 2/15/2021
GID0000282 Test BHIII N 2/15/2021
GID0000283 San Francisco Public Utilities Commission N 2/18/2021
GID0000284 Colorado Springs Utilities N 2/18/2021
GID0000285 Northern Indiana Public Service Company LLC N 2/18/2021
GID0000286 Clean Power Alliance of Southern California N 2/18/2021
GID0000287 National Grid N 2/18/2021
GID0000288 Northeast Nebraska Public Power District N 2/18/2021
GID0000289 City of Fremont NE N 2/18/2021
GID0000290 South Sioux City NE N 2/18/2021
GID0000291 City of Beatrice NE N 2/18/2021
GID0000292 City of Columbia MO N 2/18/2021
GID0000293 West Texas Municipal Power Agency N 2/18/2021
GID0000294 City of Lubbock Texas N 2/18/2021
GID0000295 Marin Clean Energy N 2/18/2021
GID0000296 City of Ames IA N 2/18/2021
GID0000297 Sonoma Clean Power Authority N 2/18/2021
GID0000298 City of Pella IA N 2/18/2021
GID0000299 Corn Belt Power Cooperative N 2/18/2021
GID0000300 DSM North America Inc N 2/18/2021
GID0000301 Town of Groton MA N 2/18/2021
GID0000302 Town of Stowe Electric Department N 2/18/2021
GID0000303 Lansing Board of Water and Light N 2/18/2021
GID0000304 Pittsburg Power Company N 2/18/2021
GID0000305 Power and Water Resources Pooling Authority N 2/18/2021
GID0000306 Eastside Power Authority N 2/18/2021
GID0000307 City of Moreno Valley CA N 2/18/2021
GID0000308 Electric Utility of the City of Cedar Falls N 2/19/2021
GID0000309 Y 2/24/2021

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