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CID LEI LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C011220 Tidal Energy Marketing (U.S.) L.L.C. N
C005280 Tidal Energy Marketing Inc. N
C004379 Tiger Natural Gas, Inc N
C000718 Tilton Energy LLC N
C011451 Timber Road Solar Park LLC N
C003488 Titan Gas and Power N
C010678 Titan Solar 1, LLC N
C008957 Titan Solar, LLC N
C010261 Titus Power, LLC N
C000947 Tiverton Power LLC N
C011978 Tivoli Services, LLC N
C011706 TN Solar 1, LLC N
C010818 Todd Solar LLC N
C010267 Tolna Power, LLC N
C002686 Tomorrow Energy Corp N
C010832 Toms River Merchant Solar, LLC N
C011941 Toms River Net Meter Solar, LLC N
C004690 Tonopah Solar Energy LLC N
C011506 Top Hat Wind Energy Holdings LLC N
C011505 Top Hat Wind Energy LLC N
C001050 Top of the World Wind Energy, LLC N
C003036 Topaz Solar Farms LLC N
C002428 Torofino Physical Trading LLC N
C002777 Torofino Trading LLC N
C002038 Total Peaking Services, L. L. C. N
C007598 TotalEnergies Gas & Power North America, Inc. N
C004561 Town of Hanover N
C002676 Town Square Energy East, LLC N
C003648 Town Square Energy, LLC N
C010734 Townsite Solar, LLC N
C005477 TPE Alta Luna, LLC N
C003337 TPL SouthTex Transmission Company LP N
C002528 TPW Petersburg, LLC N
C009007 Tracel Energy Marketing Limited Partnership 1 N
C002374 Trademark Merchant Energy, LLC N
C010670 Trafigura Trading LLC N
C000229 Trailblazer Pipeline Company LLC N
C004016 TrailStone Energy Marketing, LLC N
C005251 TrailStone NA Logistics, LLC N
C011418 Trailstone Renewables, LLC N
D004101 Trane Grid Services LLC N
C003432 Trane Grid Services LLC N
C002308 Trans Bay Cable LLC N
C000842 Trans Mountain Pipeline (Puget Sound) LLC N
C007679 Trans-Allegheny Interstate Line Company N
C002364 Trans-Allegheny Interstate Line Company N
C010223 Trans-Forland Pipeline Company N
C007715 Trans-Pecos Pipeline, LLC N

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