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CID LEI GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
GID0000129 Smoketest PROD July 30 N 7/30/2020
GID0000130 SmokeTest PROD july 30 1 N 7/30/2020
GID0000131 SmokeTest July 30 N 7/30/2020
GID0000132 Y 7/30/2020
GID0000133 Y 8/5/2020
GID0000134 PreHealth August 13 N 8/13/2020
GID0000135 PreHealthy August 13 N 8/13/2020
GID0000136 Y 8/13/2020
GID0000137 Test 14 N 8/13/2020
GID0000138 Hydrogen N 8/13/2020
GID0000139 Y 8/13/2020
GID0000140 Smoke test August 13 N 8/13/2020
GID0000141 Smoketests August 13 N 8/13/2020
GID0000142 Y 8/13/2020
GID0000143 August 27 Prehealth N 8/27/2020
GID0000144 KG B N 8/27/2020
GID0000145 Test August 27th GID N 8/27/2020
GID0000146 GID August 27 N 8/27/2020
GID0000147 NextEra Energy Inc N 9/10/2020
GID0000148 Pre Health Check September 10 N 9/10/2020
GID0000149 Smoketest Sep 10th PROD N 9/10/2020
GID0000150 Y 9/10/2020
GID0000151 Hd Group N 9/10/2020
GID0000152 Smoketest PROD for Sempter 10th N 9/10/2020
GID0000153 Smoketest Sep 10 PROD N 9/10/2020
GID0000154 Y 9/10/2020
GID0000155 The NET Mexico Pipeline Partners LLC N 9/23/2020
GID0000156 Eagle Ford Midstream LP N 9/23/2020
GID0000157 Monument Pipeline LP N 9/23/2020
GID0000158 LaSalle Pipeline LP N 9/23/2020
GID0000159 South Shore Pipeline LP N 9/23/2020
GID0000160 Mission Valley Pipeline Company LP N 9/23/2020
GID0000161 Red Gate Pipeline LP N 9/23/2020
GID0000162 Mission Natural Gas Company LLC N 9/23/2020
GID0000163 Florida City Gas N 9/23/2020
GID0000164 SDE Potomac N 9/24/2020
GID0000165 SD Potomac N 9/24/2020
GID0000166 Y 9/24/2020
GID0000167 Smoke test Sep 24th N 9/24/2020
GID0000168 Smoketest September 24 N 9/24/2020
GID0000169 Y 9/24/2020
GID0000170 Y 10/7/2020
GID0000171 Smoke test Oct 8 N 10/8/2020
GID0000172 Capital N 10/8/2020
GID0000173 Fairoak N 10/8/2020
GID0000174 Y 10/8/2020
GID0000175 Smoke Test Oct 8t h N 10/8/2020
GID0000176 Smoketest Octomber 8th N 10/8/2020
GID0000177 Y 10/8/2020
GID0000178 Smoke tes Oct 22 N 10/22/2020

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