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CID LEI LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
GID0000019 Winter is Coming N 2/19/2020
GID0000021 OEMR Testing Corporation N 2/24/2020
GID0000022 Y 2/24/2020
GID0000023 Y 2/27/2020
GID0000024 Y 2/27/2020
GID0000025 GID PROD INT2 N 3/5/2020
GID0000026 Team N 3/5/2020
GID0000027 Legal Entity5 N 3/5/2020
GID0000028 Y 3/5/2020
GID0000030 GID PROD N 3/5/2020
GID0000031 GIP Zephyr N 3/10/2020
GID0000032 Everest N 3/12/2020
GID0000033 Legal Entity Entity N 3/13/2020
GID0000034 Y 3/13/2020
GID0000035 Entity Sample N 3/13/2020
GID0000036 Mounttain N 3/18/2020
GID0000037 Y 3/18/2020
GID0000038 Shinra Energy Company N 3/19/2020
GID0000039 TestEntity N 3/24/2020
GID0000040 Legal Entityy N 3/26/2020
GID0000041 Pacific Oc N 3/26/2020
GID0000042 Y 3/26/2020
GID0000044 abc co N 3/30/2020
GID0000045 T Entity N 4/9/2020
GID0000046 Dd Pacific N 4/9/2020
GID0000047 Y 4/9/2020
GID0000048 SmokeTest April 9th N 4/9/2020
GID0000050 Winterfell Energy N 4/14/2020
GID0000051 Y 4/14/2020
GID0000052 Y 4/15/2020
GID0000053 Enkuro Software N 4/18/2020
GID0000054 Y 4/20/2020
GID0000055 LD Bean N 4/23/2020
GID0000056 SD Ent N 4/23/2020
GID0000057 Y 4/23/2020
GID0000058 Y 4/23/2020
GID0000059 DD Team N 4/23/2020
GID0000060 SmokeTest 12 N 12 This Organazation is the lead of GID Relationship Group fK 12 4/23/2020
GID0000061 Parfait Energy N 4/24/2020
GID0000062 Y 4/24/2020
GID0000063 Y 4/24/2020
GID0000064 Great Deku Tree, LLC N 4/28/2020
GID0000065 Y 4/28/2020
GID0000067 SmokeTest New N 5/7/2020
GID0000068 LG Test N 5/7/2020
GID0000069 Y 5/7/2020
GID0000070 SDE Ent N 5/7/2020
GID0000071 Y 5/7/2020
GID0000073 SmokeTest 50 N 5/7/2020
GID0000074 Eastern Shore Solar N 5/13/2020

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