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CID LEI GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
GID0000329 The Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County N 3/3/2021
GID0000330 CMPL N 3/3/2021
GID0000331 ACME Nima Road Runner 2033 N 3/11/2021
GID0000332 Mount Fred2021202120222033 N 3/11/2021
GID0000333 Y 3/11/2021
GID0000334 Smoketest311 N 3/11/2021
GID0000335 Y 3/11/2021
GID0000336 Test311 N 3/11/2021
GID0000337 Y 3/12/2021
GID0000338 PWGS 1CT1 N 3/15/2021
GID0000339 PWGS 1CT2 N 3/15/2021
GID0000340 PWGS 2CT1 N 3/15/2021
GID0000341 PWGS 2CT2 N 3/15/2021
GID0000342 PWGS ST1 N 3/15/2021
GID0000343 PWGS ST2 N 3/15/2021
GID0000344 Generating Company LLC N 3/15/2021
GID0000346 ACME Nima Road Runner 1987 N 3/18/2021
GID0000347 Mount Fred1999 N 3/18/2021
GID0000348 Y 3/18/2021
GID0000349 Smoketest911 N 3/18/2021
GID0000350 Y 3/18/2021
GID0000351 City of New Martinsville West Virginia N 3/30/2021
GID0000352 Balch Test N 4/8/2021
GID0000353 Y 4/8/2021
GID0000354 American Bituminous Power Partners N 4/13/2021
GID0000355 Bardstown Municipal Light and Water N 4/15/2021
GID0000356 Nicholasville City Utilities N 4/15/2021
GID0000357 ACME Nima Road Runner 16987 N 4/15/2021
GID0000358 Mount Fred19999857 N 4/15/2021
GID0000359 Y 4/15/2021
GID0000360 Smoketestt911 N 4/15/2021
GID0000361 Y 4/15/2021
GID0000362 City of Orangeburg Department of Public Utilities N 4/20/2021
GID0000363 ACME Nima Road Runner 15987 N 4/21/2021
GID0000364 Smoketesttt911t N 4/21/2021
GID0000365 Y 4/21/2021
GID0000366 Test987 N 4/27/2021
GID0000367 test1000000 N 5/4/2021
GID0000368 California Choice Energy Authority N 5/14/2021
GID0000369 LSP Whitewater Limited Partnership N 5/24/2021
GID0000370 Rothschild N 5/25/2021
GID0000371 Blue Sky Green Field Wind Project N 5/26/2021
GID0000372 Crane Creek N 6/15/2021
GID0000373 Alex & MikeSharp N 6/17/2021
GID0000374 Smoketesttt911tA N 6/17/2021
GID0000375 Y 6/17/2021
GID0000376 Y 6/25/2021
GID0000377 Entergy Gulf States Louisiana LLC N 6/30/2021
GID0000378 SmoketestP N 6/30/2021

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