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CID LEI GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C004770 Adelanto Solar, LLC N
C010476 Adelphia Gateway, LLC N
C007592 ADG Group Inc. N
D011217 Advanced Computer Innovations, Inc. N
D010902 Advanced Computer Innovations, Inc. N
C001778 Advantage Energy, LLC N
C007616 AEM Wind, LLC N
C001702 AEP Appalachian Transmission Company, Inc. N
C000539 AEP Energy Partners, Inc. N
C002671 AEP Energy, Inc. N
C003184 AEP Generating Company N
C002925 AEP Generation Resources Inc. N
C000522 AEP Indiana Michigan Transmission Company, Inc. N
C000523 AEP Kentucky Transmission Company, Inc. N
C000524 AEP Ohio Transmission Company, Inc. N
C000525 AEP Oklahoma Transmission Company, Inc. N
C001701 AEP Retail Energy Partners LLC N
C000526 AEP Southwestern Transmission Company, Inc. N
C000528 AEP Texas Central Company N
C007565 AEP Texas Inc. N
C000529 AEP Texas North Company N
C000527 AEP West Virginia Transmission Company, Inc. N
D005330 Aequitas Energy Inc. N
C003122 Aequitas Energy, Inc. N
C001891 AER NY-Gen, LLC N
C010307 Aera Energy LLC N
C010215 AES Alamitos Energy, LLC N
C001936 AES Alamitos, LLC N
C003332 AES Beaver Valley, LLC N
C001940 AES Energy Storage, LLC N
C010323 AES ES Alamitos, LLC N
C010197 AES ES Gilbert, LLC N
C001941 AES ES Tait, LLC N
C010216 AES Huntington Beach Energy, LLC N
C001942 AES Huntington Beach, L.L.C. N
C010243 AES Integrated Energy, LLC N
C002182 AES Laurel Mountain, LLC N
C000612 AES Ohio Generation, LLC N
C001947 AES Redondo Beach, L.L.C. N
C010145 AES Shady Point, LLC N
C010575 AES Solutions Management, LLC N
C011210 AES US Services, LLC N
C004800 AES WR Limited Partnership N
C004520 Aesir Power, LLC N
C000575 Aethon United Pipeline LP N
D008899 Affirmed Energy LLC N
C001893 AG-Energy, L.P. N
C004467 Agera Energy LLC N
C004533 Aggressive Energy LLC N
C009030 Agua Blanca, LLC N

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