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CID LEI LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C005034 RE Astoria LLC N
C005073 RE Barren Ridge 1 LLC N
C004526 RE Camelot LLC N
C004527 RE Columbia Two LLC N
C004538 RE Columbia, LLC N
C005095 RE Garland A LLC N
C005094 RE Garland LLC N
C008769 RE Gaskell West 1 LLC N
C010285 RE Gaskell West 2 LLC N
C008770 RE Gaskell West 3 LLC N
C008771 RE Gaskell West 4 LLC N
C008772 RE Gaskell West 5 LLC N
C008776 RE Gaskell West LLC N
C003090 RE McKenzie 1 LLC N
C003091 RE McKenzie 2 LLC N
C003092 RE McKenzie 3 LLC N
C003093 RE McKenzie 4 LLC N
C003094 RE McKenzie 5 LLC N
C003095 RE McKenzie 6 LLC N
C005053 RE Mustang 3 LLC N
C005054 RE Mustang 4 LLC N
C005052 RE Mustang LLC N
C010565 RE Mustang Two Barbaro LLC N
C010564 RE Mustang Two Whirlaway LLC N
C003839 RE Rosamond One LLC N
C003840 RE Rosamond Two LLC N
C010778 RE Slate 1 LLC N
C005056 RE Tranquillity LLC N
C010415 Reading Wind Energy, LLC N
C008950 Realgy, LLC N
C002564 Record Hill Wind LLC N
C011284 Red Barn Energy, LLC N
C009028 Red Bluff Express Pipeline, LLC N
C001044 Red Butte Pipe Line LLC N
C010965 Red Cloud Wind LLC N
C008767 Red Dirt Wind Project, LLC N
C002642 Red Hills Wind Project, L.L.C. N
C005137 Red Horse III, LLC N
C004738 Red Horse Wind 2, LLC N
C011358 Red Lake Falls Community Hybrid LLC N
C002199 Red Mesa Wind, LLC N
C001946 Red Oak Power, LLC N
C007615 Red Pine Wind Project, LLC N
C005004 Red River Crude Pipeline LLC N
C011459 Red River Energy, LLC N
C010286 Red River Pipeline Company LLC N
C000977 Red Wolf Energy Trading N
C009076 RED-Rochester, LLC N
C007577 Redbed Plains Wind Farm LLC N
C011931 Redonda PV LLC N

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