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CID LEI LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C004568 Regulus Solar, LLC N
D003742 Reliable Power, LLC N
C002650 Reliable Power, LLC N
C002527 Reliant Energy Northeast LLC N
C011755 Relief Energy LLC N
C002752 REMI Energy LLC N
C000713 Renaissance Power, L.L.C. N
C001491 Rendezvous Pipeline Company, LLC N
C012149 Renew Home VPP, LLC N
C010322 Renewable Energy Asset Management Group, LLC N
C002855 Renewable Energy Inc N
C003352 Renewable Energy New England., Inc. N
C003971 Renewable Power Direct, LLC N
D011691 Renewable Power Strategies, LLC N
C003010 Renewable Power Strategies, LLC N
C002637 Rensselaer Generating LLC N
C004509 Repsol Energy North America Corporation N
C010151 Republic Transmission, LLC N
C002932 ResCom Energy LLC N
C010852 Resi Station, LLC N
C003379 Residents Energy, LLC N
C002659 Respond Power, LLC N
C011689 Resurgence Solar I, LLC N
C011690 Resurgence Solar II, LLC N
C007649 Reuel Energy LLC N
C011366 REV Energy Marketing, LLC N
C010181 Revere Power, LLC N
C011683 Revolution Wind, LLC N
C002438 RG Steel Sparrows Point LLC N
C010305 RH energytrans, LLC N
C001943 Rhode Island Eastern Massachusetts Vermont Energy Control N
C002837 Rhode Island Engine Genco, LLC N
C002838 Rhode Island LFG Genco, LLC N
C000683 Rhode Island State Energy Center, LP N
C012053 Rhythm Ops, LLC N
C001797 Ri-Corp. Development, Inc. N
C011983 Richfield Solar Energy LLC N
C010985 Richland Interconnection, LLC N
C002530 Richland-Stryker Generation LLC N
C010537 Richmond Spider Solar, LLC N
C002062 Ridge Crest Wind Partners, LLC N
C004666 Ridgetop Energy, LLC N
C002092 Ridgewind Power Partners, LLC N
C003877 Rigby Energy Resources, LP N
C010680 Riley Solar I, LLC N
C005276 Ringer Hill Wind, LLC N
C008934 Rio Bravo Fresno, A California Joint Venture N
C008935 Rio Bravo Rocklin, A California Joint Venture N
C005467 Rio Bravo Solar I, LLC N
C005468 Rio Bravo Solar II, LLC N

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