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CID LEI LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C000955 SLC Pipeline LLC N
C001403 Sleeping Bear, LLC N
C002789 Smart Papers Holdings LLC N
C003371 SmartEnergy Holdings, LLC N
C010220 SmartestEnergy US LLC N
C005130 Smith Creek Hydro, LLC N
C002610 Smoky Hills Wind Farm, LLC N
C002609 Smoky Hills Wind Project II, LLC N
C003203 Smoky Mountain Transmission LLC N
C001812 Snowflake Power, LLC N
D004797 SOAR Technologies, Inc. N
C002113 Societe Generale Energy LLC N
C005458 SociVolta Inc. N
C002966 Solano 3 Wind LLC N
C003022 Solar Alpine LLC N
C003969 Solar and Wind Solutions LLC N
C003105 Solar Avra Valley LLC N
C000818 Solar Blythe LLC N
C003174 Solar Borrego I LLC N
C002157 Solar Green Development, LLC N
D011686 Solar Holler, LLC N
C003559 Solar Partners I, LLC N
C003558 Solar Partners II, LLC N
C003560 Solar Partners VIII, LLC N
C002435 Solar Roadrunner LLC N
C004746 Solar Star California XIII, LLC N
C003505 Solar Star California XIX, LLC N
C005204 Solar Star California XLI, LLC N
C003506 Solar Star California XX, LLC N
C004863 Solar Star Colorado III, LLC N
C011067 Solar Star Lost Hills, LLC N
C007655 Solar Star Oregon II, LLC N
D005233 SolarCity Corporation N
D005234 SolarCity Corporation N
C010611 Soldier Creek Wind, LLC N
C004005 Solea Energy, LLC N
C004680 Solea PJM, LLC N
C002028 Solios Power LLC N
C000992 Solios Power Mid-Atlantic Trading, LLC N
C002892 Solios Power Mid-Atlantic Virtual LLC N
C000991 Solios Power Midwest Trading LLC N
C000990 Solios Power Trading LLC N
C010167 Solomon Forks Wind Project, LLC N
C005305 Solverde 1, LLC N
C002956 Somerset Operating Company, LLC N
C000764 Somerset Windpower LLC N
C011590 Sonny Solar, LLC N
C011757 Sonoran Solar Energy, LLC N
C011503 Sonoran West Solar Holdings 2, LLC N
C011502 Sonoran West Solar Holdings, LLC N

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