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CID LEI LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
GID0002063 Y 1/30/2022
GID0002064 Y 1/30/2022
GID0002065 Entergy Corporation N 1/30/2022
GID0002066 AEC Energy, LLC N 1/30/2022
GID0002067 Genie Energy Ltd. N 1/30/2022
GID0002068 Y 1/31/2022
GID0002069 Washington Electric Cooperative, Inc. N 1/31/2022
GID0002070 Y 1/31/2022
GID0002071 Y 1/31/2022
GID0002072 Y 1/31/2022
GID0002073 Riverstone Management Group, L.L.C. N 1/31/2022
GID0002074 Three Rivers Utility Holdings, LLC N 1/31/2022
GID0002075 AIA Montana LLC N 1/31/2022
GID0002076 GCM Grosvenor Inc. N 1/31/2022
GID0002077 Y 1/31/2022
GID0002078 Stronghold Digital Mining, Inc. N 1/31/2022
GID0002079 Sappi Cloquet LLC N 1/31/2022
GID0002080 Y 1/31/2022
GID0002081 Y 1/31/2022
GID0002082 REMC Group, LLC N 1/31/2022
GID0002083 Y 1/31/2022
GID0002084 Y 1/31/2022
GID0002085 Loren R. Kopseng 2018 Children's Irrevocable Trust N 1/31/2022
GID0002086 ETC Canyon Pipeline LLC N 1/31/2022
GID0002087 BD Solar 1 LLC N 1/31/2022
GID0002088 La Grange Acquisition, L.P. N 1/31/2022
GID0002089 Regency Energy Partners LP N 1/31/2022
GID0002090 Pan Gas Storage LLC N 1/31/2022
GID0002091 PRHL N 1/31/2022
GID0002092 Patrick Farah d/b/a TPC Management Company N 1/31/2022
GID0002093 Shoshone Irrigation District N 1/31/2022
GID0002094 Southern Turner Cimarron I, LLC N 1/31/2022
GID0002095 Tri-County Water Conservancy District N 1/31/2022
GID0002096 Ptarmigan Resources & Energy, Inc. N 1/31/2022
GID0002097 Mancos Water Conservancy District N 1/31/2022
GID0002098 Central New Mexico Electric Cooperative, Inc. N 1/31/2022
GID0002099 Y 1/31/2022
GID0002100 Chimney Rock Public Power District N 1/31/2022
GID0002101 Y 1/31/2022
GID0002102 Columbus Electric Cooperative, Inc. N 1/31/2022
GID0002103 Free Wil Holdings, LLC N 1/31/2022
GID0002104 Continental Divide Electric Cooperative, Inc. N 1/31/2022
GID0002105 Empire Electric Association, Inc. N 1/31/2022
GID0002106 Garland Light & Power Company N 1/31/2022
GID0002107 Gunnison County Electric Association, Inc. N 1/31/2022
GID0002108 High Plains Power, Inc. N 1/31/2022
GID0002109 Highline Electric Association N 1/31/2022
GID0002110 Jemez Mountains Electric Cooperative, Inc. N 1/31/2022
GID0002111 K.C. Electric Association, Inc. N 1/31/2022
GID0002112 La Plata Electric Association, Inc. N 1/31/2022

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