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CID LEI LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
GID0001895 Y 1/26/2022
GID0001896 City of Raton, New Mexico N 1/26/2022
GID0001897 city of rice lake, wisconsin N 1/26/2022
GID0001898 Village of Ripley, Ohio N 1/26/2022
GID0001899 City of Shelby, Ohio N 1/26/2022
GID0001900 The Jicarilla Apache Nation N 1/26/2022
GID0001901 City of Spooner, Wisconsin N 1/26/2022
GID0001902 City of St. Clairsville, Ohio N 1/26/2022
GID0001903 Borough of Mont Alto, Pennsylvania N 1/26/2022
GID0001904 The Pueblo of Acoma N 1/26/2022
GID0001905 Town of Hagerstown N 1/26/2022
GID0001906 City of Aztec N 1/26/2022
GID0001907 Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. N 1/26/2022
GID0001908 Stimson Lumber Co. N 1/26/2022
GID0001909 Clackamas County, OR N 1/26/2022
GID0001910 Rutherford Electric Membership Corporation N 1/26/2022
GID0001911 Town of Dallas, North Carolina N 1/26/2022
GID0001912 Y 1/26/2022
GID0001913 Town of Due West, South Carolina N 1/26/2022
GID0001914 Town of Forest City, North Carolina N 1/26/2022
GID0001915 Town of Highlands, North Carolina N 1/26/2022
GID0001916 Western Carolina University N 1/26/2022
GID0001917 City of Lake Worth, FL N 1/26/2022
GID0001918 City of Gainesville, Florida N 1/26/2022
GID0001919 Jacksonville Electric Authority N 1/26/2022
GID0001920 Kissimmee Utility Authority N 1/26/2022
GID0001921 City of Starke, Florida N 1/26/2022
GID0001922 City of Key West, Florida N 1/26/2022
GID0001923 City of Vero Beach, FL N 1/26/2022
GID0001924 AXA Infrastructure Equity 3 SAS N 1/26/2022
GID0001925 Entergy Power Marketing Corporation N 1/27/2022
GID0001926 City of Wakefield, Michigan N 1/27/2022
GID0001927 City of Westerville, Ohio N 1/27/2022
GID0001928 Migizi Economic Development Company N 1/27/2022
GID0001929 Meeker Cooperative N 1/27/2022
GID0001930 South Central Electric Association N 1/27/2022
GID0001931 Redwood Electric Cooperative N 1/27/2022
GID0001932 Federated Rural Electric Association N 1/27/2022
GID0001933 Delano Water, Light, and Power Commission N 1/27/2022
GID0001934 interstate gas supply, inc. N 1/27/2022
GID0001935 Agralite Electric Cooperative N 1/27/2022
GID0001936 City of Tulia, Texas N 1/27/2022
GID0001937 Cereal City Solar, LLC N 1/27/2022
GID0001938 City of Bartow, Florida N 1/27/2022
GID0001939 Utilities Com City of New Smyrna Beach FL N 1/27/2022
GID0001940 Y 1/27/2022
GID0001941 Y 1/27/2022
GID0001942 Y 1/27/2022
GID0001943 Mountaineer Gas Company N 1/27/2022
GID0001944 Caden Energix Tax Equity Holdco LLC N 1/27/2022

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