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CID LEI LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
GID0001845 Y 1/25/2022
GID0001846 Y 1/25/2022
GID0001847 Y 1/25/2022
GID0001848 SLB Milbank LLC N 1/25/2022
GID0001849 Ullico Inc. N 1/25/2022
GID0001850 West Star Energy, Inc. N 1/25/2022
GID0001851 RE Bagdad Solar 1, LLC N 1/25/2022
GID0001852 SunE AZ2, LLC N 1/25/2022
GID0001853 RE Ajo 1, LLC N 1/25/2022
GID0001854 University System of Maryland N 1/25/2022
GID0001855 Desert Sky Solar, LLC N 1/25/2022
GID0001856 Tanos Energy III, LLC N 1/25/2022
GID0001857 SunE AZ1, LLC N 1/25/2022
GID0001858 Y 1/25/2022
GID0001859 City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri N 1/25/2022
GID0001860 Leeward Asset Management, LLC N 1/25/2022
GID0001861 NRG Energy Gas & Wind Holdings Inc. N 1/25/2022
GID0001862 Bright Canyon Energy Corporation N 1/25/2022
GID0001863 Eldorado Investment Company N 1/25/2022
GID0001864 AG-X N 1/25/2022
GID0001865 RE Gillespie 1 LLC N 1/25/2022
GID0001866 Virginia Municipal Electric Association No. 1. N 1/26/2022
GID0001867 The Town of Windsor VA N 1/26/2022
GID0001868 Advanced Energy Capital, LLC N 1/26/2022
GID0001870 Riberas Family N 1/26/2022
GID0001871 Minnesota Wind Partners I, LLC N 1/26/2022
GID0001872 Y 1/26/2022
GID0001873 Y 1/26/2022
GID0001874 Y 1/26/2022
GID0001875 Y 1/26/2022
GID0001876 Y 1/26/2022
GID0001877 Y 1/26/2022
GID0001878 Y 1/26/2022
GID0001879 Liberty Utilities Tinker Transmission LP N 1/26/2022
GID0001880 City of Bloomer, Wisconsin N 1/26/2022
GID0001881 Village of Bethel, Ohio N 1/26/2022
GID0001882 Brainerd Public Utilities N 1/26/2022
GID0001883 City of Brownfield, Texas N 1/26/2022
GID0001884 Village of Cadott, Wisconsin N 1/26/2022
GID0001885 City of Floydada, Texas N 1/26/2022
GID0001886 Village of Glouster, Ohio N 1/26/2022
GID0001887 Village of Hamersville N 1/26/2022
GID0001888 Harrison Rural Electrification Association, Inc. N 1/26/2022
GID0001889 Letterkenny Industrial Development Authority N 1/26/2022
GID0001890 Moose Lake Water & Light Commission N 1/26/2022
GID0001891 Delta-Montrose Electric Association N 1/26/2022
GID0001892 Kit Carson Electric Cooperative, Inc. N 1/26/2022
GID0001893 City of Newton, Texas N 1/26/2022
GID0001894 Borough of Pitcairn, Pennsylvania N 1/26/2022

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