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CID LEI LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
GID0002659 Alliance Power, Inc. N 10/10/2022
GID0002660 GTI Energy N 10/10/2022
GID0002661 Y 10/12/2022
GID0002662 MCV Partners LLC N 10/13/2022
GID0002663 MCV Holding Company LLC N 10/13/2022
GID0002664 MCV GP Acquisition Company LLC N 10/13/2022
GID0002665 Chippewa Acquisition Company LLC N 10/13/2022
GID0002666 Old Gold Energy Center, LLC N 10/13/2022
GID0002667 Plus Power Enterprises, LLC N 10/19/2022
GID0002668 Y 10/19/2022
GID0002669 Y 10/19/2022
GID0002670 Y 10/20/2022
GID0002671 North Street Energy Storage, LLC N 10/20/2022
GID0002672 Sierra Estrella Energy Storage, LLC N 10/20/2022
GID0002673 Superstition Energy Storage, LLC N 10/20/2022
GID0002674 Y 10/21/2022
GID0002675 MMP SCO, LLC N 10/21/2022
GID0002676 Y 10/25/2022
GID0002677 Y 10/25/2022
GID0002678 Y 10/25/2022
GID0002679 Y 10/28/2022
GID0002680 Westlake US 2 LLC N 10/28/2022
GID0002681 Y 11/1/2022
GID0002682 Y 11/1/2022
GID0002683 Y 11/1/2022
GID0002684 Y 11/3/2022
GID0002685 Y 11/4/2022
GID0002686 City of New Madrid N 11/11/2022
GID0002687 Y 11/15/2022
GID0002688 Y 11/17/2022
GID0002689 Colbeck Capital Management, LLC N 11/18/2022
GID0002690 Y 11/18/2022
GID0002691 Y 11/23/2022
GID0002692 Flathead Electric Cooperative N 11/28/2022
GID0002693 District Hospital Partners, L.P. N 11/30/2022
GID0002694 Versicherungskammer Bayern VKB N 12/1/2022
GID0002695 City Water & Light Plant of the City of Jonesboro N 12/6/2022
GID0002696 Y 12/12/2022
GID0002697 Y 12/12/2022
GID0002698 Y 12/12/2022
GID0002699 Conway Corporation N 12/12/2022
GID0002700 Four Dog Energy LLC N 12/13/2022
GID0002701 Y 12/14/2022
GID0002702 Jeff Tobias Trust N 12/14/2022
GID0002703 Nancy Tobias Trust N 12/14/2022
GID0002704 Locklead Martin Corporation N 12/16/2022
GID0002705 North Stonington Solar Center N 12/20/2022
GID0002706 West Cape Wind Energy L.P. N 12/21/2022
GID0002707 Y 12/26/2022
GID0002708 Y 12/26/2022

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