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CID LEI LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
GID0001995 PJM SETTLEMENT, INC N 1/28/2022
GID0001996 Y 1/28/2022
GID0001997 Y 1/28/2022
GID0001998 Cataract Hydro, LLC N 1/28/2022
GID0001999 Y 1/28/2022
GID0002000 Y 1/28/2022
GID0002001 Y 1/28/2022
GID0002002 The Mosaic Company N 1/28/2022
GID0002003 Johnston Solar I, LLC N 1/28/2022
GID0002004 North Kingstown Solar 1, LLC N 1/28/2022
GID0002005 Nippawus Solar, LLC N 1/28/2022
GID0002006 GIC Pte. Ltd. N 1/28/2022
GID0002007 Solstice Investments LP N 1/28/2022
GID0002008 Energix - Renewable Energies, Ltd. N 1/28/2022
GID0002009 West Greenwich Soar, LLC N 1/28/2022
GID0002010 Brigham and Women's Hospital, Inc. N 1/28/2022
GID0002011 Joslin Diabetes Center, Inc. N 1/28/2022
GID0002012 Y 1/28/2022
GID0002013 MG88 Providence Cold Storage, LLC N 1/28/2022
GID0002014 Y 1/28/2022
GID0002015 Vermont Transmission Company N 1/28/2022
GID0002016 Y 1/28/2022
GID0002017 Y 1/28/2022
GID0002018 Y 1/28/2022
GID0002019 Y 1/28/2022
GID0002020 Woonsocket Solar, LLC N 1/28/2022
GID0002021 Ampersand Gilman Hydro LP N 1/28/2022
GID0002022 Y 1/28/2022
GID0002023 Y 1/28/2022
GID0002024 Y 1/28/2022
GID0002025 Y 1/28/2022
GID0002026 Foster Solar, LLC N 1/28/2022
GID0002027 Y 1/28/2022
GID0002028 Y 1/28/2022
GID0002029 Rhode Island Bioenergy Facility, LLC N 1/28/2022
GID0002030 Y 1/28/2022
GID0002031 Y 1/28/2022
GID0002032 Y 1/28/2022
GID0002033 Y 1/28/2022
GID0002034 Y 1/28/2022
GID0002035 Y 1/28/2022
GID0002036 Y 1/28/2022
GID0002037 WAPA Colorado River Storage Project Mgmt Center N 1/28/2022
GID0002038 CompTest2022 N 1/29/2022
GID0002039 Blik og Rorarbejderforbundet N 1/29/2022
GID0002040 3F Fafligt Faellesforbund N 1/29/2022
GID0002041 Washingtion19aaTest N 1/29/2022
GID0002042 Y 1/29/2022
GID0002043 SmoketestA129 N 1/29/2022
GID0002044 Y 1/29/2022

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