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CID LEI LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
GID0002187 Y 2/1/2022
GID0002188 5.WCP Investment Entities N 2/1/2022
GID0002189 Y 2/1/2022
GID0002190 Y 2/1/2022
GID0002191 Y 2/1/2022
GID0002192 Cubico Sustainable Investments GP 1 Limited N 2/3/2022
GID0002193 WCP GEC Holdings III, LLC N 2/4/2022
GID0002194 WCP GEC Holdings IV, LLC N 2/4/2022
GID0002195 WCP GEC Holdings IV ERISA, LLC N 2/4/2022
GID0002196 Y 2/4/2022
GID0002197 Y 2/4/2022
GID0002198 Bloom Colchester Fuel Cell Facility N 2/11/2022
GID0002199 Y 2/11/2022
GID0002200 Y 2/14/2022
GID0002201 Y 2/14/2022
GID0002202 Y 2/15/2022
GID0002203 Y 2/15/2022
GID0002204 Y 2/15/2022
GID0002205 Y 2/15/2022
GID0002206 Y 2/15/2022
GID0002207 Y 2/15/2022
GID0002208 Y 2/16/2022
GID0002209 Y 2/16/2022
GID0002210 GeneralTestComp N 2/18/2022
GID0002211 SmoketestA118 N 2/18/2022
GID0002212 Y 2/18/2022
GID0002213 Y 2/20/2022
GID0002214 Caithness Energy, L.L.C. N 2/23/2022
GID0002215 POET, LLC N 2/24/2022
GID0002216 Caledonia Generating, LLC N 2/28/2022
GID0002217 Kemmerer Operations LLC N 2/28/2022
GID0002218 Y 3/2/2022
GID0002219 Y 3/2/2022
GID0002220 Fruit Growers Gas Gathering, LLC N 3/2/2022
GID0002221 WC Pipeline Co., LLC N 3/2/2022
GID0002222 Y 3/7/2022
GID0002223 Y 3/7/2022
GID0002224 Y 3/7/2022
GID0002225 Y 3/7/2022
GID0002226 Y 3/7/2022
GID0002227 Y 3/7/2022
GID0002228 Y 3/9/2022
GID0002229 Y 3/9/2022
GID0002230 Y 3/9/2022
GID0002231 Y 3/9/2022
GID0002232 Y 3/9/2022
GID0002233 Y 3/9/2022
GID0002234 Y 3/9/2022
GID0002235 Y 3/10/2022
GID0002236 Y 3/10/2022

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