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CID LEI LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
GID0002389 H Mountain, Inc. N 7/19/2022
GID0002390 The Hartz Group, Inc. N 7/19/2022
GID0002391 Cashman Infrastructure, LLC N 7/19/2022
GID0002392 Y 7/19/2022
GID0002393 Y 7/19/2022
GID0002394 Vista Energy Marketing, L.P. N 7/19/2022
GID0002395 Y 7/19/2022
GID0002396 The City of Concord, North Carolina N 7/19/2022
GID0002397 Greenwood Commissioners of Public Works N 7/19/2022
GID0002398 Y 7/19/2022
GID0002399 Y 7/19/2022
GID0002400 The City of Kings Mountain, North Carolina N 7/19/2022
GID0002401 Y 7/19/2022
GID0002402 Y 7/19/2022
GID0002403 New River Light and Power Company N 7/19/2022
GID0002404 The Town of Winterville, North Carolina N 7/19/2022
GID0002405 The Town of Black Creek, North Carolina N 7/19/2022
GID0002406 Town of Lucama, North Carolina N 7/19/2022
GID0002407 Town of Sharpsburg, North Carolina N 7/19/2022
GID0002408 Town of Stantonsburg, North Carolina N 7/19/2022
GID0002409 Y 7/19/2022
GID0002410 Y 7/19/2022
GID0002411 McCormick Commissioners of Public Works N 7/19/2022
GID0002412 The City of Camden, South Carolina N 7/19/2022
GID0002413 Y 7/19/2022
GID0002414 Canton Mountain Wind Holdings, LLC N 7/20/2022
GID0002415 Tuesday's Gone, LLC N 7/20/2022
GID0002416 Y 7/20/2022
GID0002417 Betty and Jay Citrin Family Trust N 7/20/2022
GID0002418 Y 7/20/2022
GID0002419 Kedrick Cerry, Inc. N 7/20/2022
GID0002420 Y 7/20/2022
GID0002421 Y 7/20/2022
GID0002422 MO12345 N 7/21/2022
GID0002423 Y 7/21/2022
GID0002424 Y 7/22/2022
GID0002425 Y 7/22/2022
GID0002426 Y 7/22/2022
GID0002427 Y 7/22/2022
GID0002428 Canes Intrastate Pipeline LLC N 7/22/2022
GID0002429 Y 7/25/2022
GID0002430 Y 7/27/2022
GID0002431 Y 7/27/2022
GID0002432 Y 7/27/2022
GID0002433 Wanatah Solar N 7/27/2022
GID0002434 Peru Solar N 7/27/2022
GID0002435 Paris Solar N 7/27/2022
GID0002436 Prestwick Solar N 7/27/2022
GID0002437 Y 7/27/2022
GID0002438 Churchill Falls-Labrador-Corporation Limited N 7/28/2022

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