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CID LEI LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
GID0002139 Y-W Electric Association, Inc. N 1/31/2022
GID0002140 Y 1/31/2022
GID0002141 Y 1/31/2022
GID0002142 Y 1/31/2022
GID0002143 Colam Entreprendre SAS N 1/31/2022
GID0002144 Y 1/31/2022
GID0002145 Y 1/31/2022
GID0002146 Y 1/31/2022
GID0002147 Western Farms Electric Cooperative N 1/31/2022
GID0002148 Unitil Corporation N 1/31/2022
GID0002149 Y 1/31/2022
GID0002150 Y 1/31/2022
GID0002151 Y 1/31/2022
GID0002152 Y 1/31/2022
GID0002153 Y 1/31/2022
GID0002154 Y 1/31/2022
GID0002155 Y 1/31/2022
GID0002156 Y 1/31/2022
GID0002157 GCM Grosvenor, LLC N 1/31/2022
GID0002158 PJM Settlement N 2/1/2022
GID0002159 PJM Settlement NC N 2/1/2022
GID0002160 RS Cogen, LLC N 2/1/2022
GID0002161 IHI Corporation N 2/1/2022
GID0002162 Y 2/1/2022
GID0002163 Nexgen Capital, LLC N 2/1/2022
GID0002164 Y 2/1/2022
GID0002165 Y 2/1/2022
GID0002166 Y 2/1/2022
GID0002167 Y 2/1/2022
GID0002168 Y 2/1/2022
GID0002169 Town of Southbridge N 2/1/2022
GID0002170 City of North Adams N 2/1/2022
GID0002171 Edgecombe Solar Energy, LLC N 2/1/2022
GID0002172 Best Result Holdings Limited N 2/1/2022
GID0002173 Westrock Company N 2/1/2022
GID0002174 Y 2/1/2022
GID0002175 Y 2/1/2022
GID0002176 Big Horn Rural Electric Company N 2/1/2022
GID0002177 Carbon Power & Light, Inc. N 2/1/2022
GID0002178 City of Independence, Missouri N 2/1/2022
GID0002179 Dominion Newenergy Inc. N 2/1/2022
GID0002180 Link Burke Holdings Inc. N 2/1/2022
GID0002181 Link Shoiry Holdings Inc. N 2/1/2022
GID0002182 9215-6496 Quebce Inc. N 2/1/2022
GID0002183 Y 2/1/2022
GID0002184 Y 2/1/2022
GID0002185 Y 2/1/2022
GID0002186 Y 2/1/2022
GID0002187 Y 2/1/2022
GID0002188 5.WCP Investment Entities N 2/1/2022

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