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CID LEI LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C002013 Washington County Power, LLC N
C010424 Washington Crossing Field Services, LLC N
C001697 Washington Gas Light Company N
C002143 Washington Power Generation LLC N
C010686 Water Strider Solar, LLC N
C001764 Waterbury Generation LLC N
C005474 Waterford Power, LLC N
C002014 Waterside Power, LLC N
C011674 Watlington Solar, LLC N
C001756 Watson Cogeneration Company N
C009077 Wattifi Inc. N
C012037 Waverly Solar, LLC N
C004768 Waverly Wind Farm LLC N
C000768 Waymart Wind Farm LLC N
C000111 WBI Energy Transmission, Inc. N
C004552 WBI Energy Wind Ridge Pipeline, LLC N
C000919 WC Landfill Energy, LLC N
C010612 Weatherford Wind, LLC N
C010722 Weaver Wind Maine Master Tenant, LLC N
C010723 Weaver Wind, LLC N
C011440 WEB Silver Maple Wind, LLC N
C011106 WEC Business Services LLC N
C001715 Wellhead Power eXchange, LLC N
C001711 Wellhead Power Gates, LLC N
C001712 Wellhead Power Panoche, LLC N
C003372 Wells Rural Electric Co N
C001765 Wellsboro Electric Company N
C002482 Wesco Pipeline LLC N
C000157 WesPac Pipelines - Memphis LLC N
C010319 Wessington Springs Wind, LLC N
C000767 Wessington Wind Energy Center, LLC N
C004845 West Chicago Battery Storage LLC N
C003831 West Deptford Energy, LLC N
C010641 West Hines Solar I LLC N
C011681 West Line Solar, LLC N
C005271 West Medway II, LLC N
C000905 West Penn Power Company N
C000156 West Shore Pipe Line Company N
C000652 West Texas Gas Utility, LLC N
C000079 West Texas Gulf Pipe Line Company LLC N
C001120 West Valley Power, LLC N
C003485 Westbrook Energy Center, LLC N
C002412 WestConnect N
C002380 Westerly Hospital Energy Company, LLC N
C010843 Western Aeon Energy Trading LLC N
C004675 Western Antelope Blue Sky Ranch A LLC N
C005115 Western Antelope Blue Sky Ranch B LLC N
C005116 Western Antelope Dry Ranch LLC N
C000159 Western Area Power Administration N
C011390 Western Area Power Administration - Lower Colorado N

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