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BAA Category Status in Region Entity Type Hub PPA Type Rating Adjust Options Record Type MSS Indicative Study Param
Region Relationship Type Scenario Type Seasons Study Type Vertical Asset Type Supply Type PSS Indicative Study Param

Hub CD Name Desc Country Active Date Inactive Date
AEPGEN AEPGenHub AEP GenHub (PJM) US 1/1/2008
ARKANSAS Arkansas Hub NULL US 10/1/2013
CINERGY Cinergy (into) NULL US 1/1/2004
COB COB NULL US 1/1/2004
ENTERGY Entergy (into) NULL US 1/1/2004
FE FE Hub First Energy Hub (MISO) US 1/1/2008
FOURCORNERS Four Corners NULL US 1/1/2004
ILLINOIS Illinois Hub (MISO) NULL US 4/1/2005
INDIANA Indiana Hub (MISO) The aggregated Elemental Pricing nodes ("Epnodes") defined by the Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator Inc. as Indiana Hub (MISO). US 1/1/2013
LOUISIANA Louisiana Hub NULL US 10/1/2013
MEAD Mead NULL US 1/1/2004
MICHIGAN Michigan Hub (MISO) NULL US 4/1/2005
MIDC Mid-Columbia (Mid-C) NULL US 1/1/2004
MINNESOTA Minnesota Hub (MISO) NULL US 4/1/2005
NEPOOL NEPOOL (Mass Hub) NULL US 1/1/2004
NOB NOB NULL US 1/1/2004
NP15 NP15 NULL US 1/1/2004
PALOVERDE Palo Verde NULL US 1/1/2004
PJMEAST PJM East Hub NULL US 1/1/2004
PJMSOUTH PJM South Hub NULL US 1/1/2008
PJMWEST PJM West Hub NULL US 1/1/2004
SOCO SOCO (into) NULL US 1/1/2004
SP15 SP15 NULL US 1/1/2004
TEXAS Texas Hub NULL US 10/1/2013
TVA TVA (into) NULL US 1/1/2004
ZP26 ZP26 NULL US 1/1/2004
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