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CID LEI LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
GID0002795 Y 6/20/2023
GID0002796 Y 6/20/2023
GID0002797 Targa Badlands LLC N 6/26/2023
GID0002798 Elevation Midstream, LLC N 6/26/2023
GID0002799 AMP Angelina, LLC N 6/26/2023
GID0002800 AMP II ETX Gathering I, LLC N 6/26/2023
GID0002801 AMP II ETX Gathering II, LLC N 6/26/2023
GID0002802 TOPS Pipeline, LLC N 6/26/2023
GID0002803 Tallgrass Midstream, LLC N 6/26/2023
GID0002804 CF Waterford LLC N 6/27/2023
GID0002805 Y 6/27/2023
GID0002806 Y 6/27/2023
GID0002807 Eolus Project Holdings, LLC N 6/29/2023
GID0002808 Y 6/30/2023
GID0002809 Y 6/30/2023
GID0002810 Y 7/4/2023
GID0002811 Y 7/7/2023
GID0002812 Y 7/7/2023
GID0002813 Y 7/7/2023
GID0002814 Y 7/7/2023
GID0002815 Y 7/7/2023
GID0002816 Y 7/11/2023
GID0002817 Holy Cross Electric Association, Inc. N 7/12/2023
GID0002818 Y 7/12/2023
GID0002819 BRB Holding GmbH N 7/13/2023
GID0002820 Raiffeisen-Holding Niederosterreich-Wien reg. Gen. N 7/13/2023
GID0002821 UNIQA Osterreich Versicherungen AG N 7/13/2023
GID0002822 OO. Lagerhaus Beteiligungs eGen & Co OG N 7/13/2023
GID0002823 WR Capital Partners, LLC N 7/14/2023
GID0002824 JB Solar Investors, LLC N 7/14/2023
GID0002825 TGC Asset Management LLC N 7/14/2023
GID0002826 Y 7/14/2023
GID0002827 Y 7/14/2023
GID0002828 UPC Power Solutions N 7/14/2023
GID0002829 Y 7/14/2023
GID0002830 PivotGen N 7/14/2023
GID0002831 Y 7/24/2023
GID0002832 Gunvor Employee Share Plan Ltd. N 7/25/2023
GID0002833 Gernaat Dairy Meyering Rd N 7/26/2023
GID0002834 Gernaat Dairy Mulder Rd N 7/26/2023
GID0002835 Ryzebol Dairy, LLC West Moore Rd N 7/26/2023
GID0002836 Autocam Medical Solar N 7/26/2023
GID0002837 Woelfel Solar N 7/26/2023
GID0002838 Y 8/1/2023
GID0002839 Y 8/1/2023
GID0002840 Y 8/1/2023
GID0002841 Y 8/1/2023
GID0002842 Y 8/1/2023
GID0002843 Y 8/1/2023
GID0002844 Y 8/1/2023

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