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CID LEI LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
GID0002595 Y 9/28/2022
GID0002596 XT Services Montana, LLC N 9/28/2022
GID0002597 Y 9/28/2022
GID0002598 Y 9/28/2022
GID0002599 Y 9/28/2022
GID0002600 SER Perfect Power Solutions Fund I, LP N 9/28/2022
GID0002601 SER Capital Partners I, LP N 9/28/2022
GID0002602 SER I-A Edison Splitter, LP N 9/28/2022
GID0002603 SER Capital Partners, LLC N 9/28/2022
GID0002604 Y 9/28/2022
GID0002605 Kiyoshi Technologies, LLC N 9/28/2022
GID0002606 Y 9/28/2022
GID0002607 Y 9/28/2022
GID0002608 Y 9/28/2022
GID0002609 ExxonMobil Oil Joliet Refinery N 9/29/2022
GID0002610 ExxonMobil Production Company N 9/29/2022
GID0002611 Holcim Participations US Inc. N 9/29/2022
GID0002612 EBCI, A wholly owned subsidiary of Exxon N 9/29/2022
GID0002613 Y 9/29/2022
GID0002614 Y 9/29/2022
GID0002615 Y 9/29/2022
GID0002616 Y 10/2/2022
GID0002617 Y 10/2/2022
GID0002618 Greenbacker Development Opportunities Fund I, LP N 10/3/2022
GID0002619 Greenbacker Development Opportunities Fund GP I N 10/3/2022
GID0002620 Greenbacker Development Opportunities Fund I B, LP N 10/3/2022
GID0002621 Helvetia Solar, LLC N 10/3/2022
GID0002622 KKR Holdings L.P N 10/3/2022
GID0002623 Greenbacker Renewable Energy Company LLC N 10/3/2022
GID0002624 Greenbacker Renewable Energy Company II, LLC N 10/3/2022
GID0002625 Y 10/3/2022
GID0002626 Y 10/3/2022
GID0002627 Y 10/3/2022
GID0002628 Burgess Capital LLC N 10/3/2022
GID0002629 Pace Renewable Energy 1 LLC N 10/4/2022
GID0002630 Orion Acquisitions, LLC N 10/4/2022
GID0002631 CH Energy Group, Inc N 10/4/2022
GID0002632 Y 10/4/2022
GID0002633 Y 10/4/2022
GID0002634 John Phillips Irrevocable Trust N 10/4/2022
GID0002635 Lisa Brown Irrevocable Trust N 10/4/2022
GID0002636 Y 10/5/2022
GID0002637 Y 10/5/2022
GID0002638 Y 10/5/2022
GID0002639 CompTest20222022 N 10/5/2022
GID0002640 Santanna Energy Services ESOP 401k Plan 002 N 10/5/2022
GID0002641 Y 10/6/2022
GID0002642 Y 10/6/2022
GID0002643 Y 10/6/2022
GID0002644 AM Investment SCA SICAV-FIS N 10/6/2022

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