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CID LEI LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C012027 PGR 2022 Lessee 4, LLC N
C012110 PGR 2022 Lessee 5, LLC N
C011893 PGR 2022 Lessee 9, LLC N
C010362 PGR Lessee L, LLC N
C010842 PGR Lessee O, LLC N
C002042 PH Glatfelter Company N
C002423 Phalanx Energy Services, LLC N
C003792 Pheasant Run Wind II, LLC N
C003791 Pheasant Run Wind, LLC N
C011457 PHI Service Company N
C008817 Phibro Americas LLC N
C003494 Phillips 66 Carrier LLC N
C002888 Phillips 66 Company N
C011398 Phillips 66 Energy Trading LLC N
C003013 Phillips 66 Pipeline LLC N
C004907 Phillips 66 Sweeny-Freeport LLC N
C001034 Phillips Texas Pipeline Company, Ltd. N
C011594 Phobos Solar, LLC N
C004766 Phoenix Energy Group, LLC N
C005378 Phoenix Energy New England, LLC N
C010230 PHWD Affiliate LLC N
C002933 Physical Systems Integration, LLC N
C010861 Pickaway County II Solar Project, LLC N
C010860 Pickaway County Solar Project, LLC N
C003412 Piedmont Energy Fund, LP N
C003246 Piedmont Green Power, LLC N
C011890 Pike Solar LLC N
C007727 Pilesgrove Solar, LLC N
C002136 Pilgrim Stage Station Wind Park, LLC N
D009040 Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP N
C004732 Pilot Hill Wind, LLC N
C000837 Pilot Power Group, LLC N
D004972 Pilot Rock Solar 1, LLC N
C005399 Pima Energy Storage System, LLC N
C008859 Pinal Central Energy Center, LLC N
C000358 Pine Bluff Energy, LLC N
C000650 Pine Needle LNG Company, LLC N
C001058 Pine Prairie Energy Center, LLC N
C008937 Pine River Wind Energy LLC N
C001272 Pinelawn Power, LLC N
C004383 Pinnacle Power, LLC N
C002544 Pinnacle Wind, LLC N
C002935 Pinyon Pines Wind I, LLC N
C002936 Pinyon Pines Wind II, LLC N
C005097 Pio Pico Energy Center, LLC N
C001040 Pioneer Pipe Line Company N
C011644 Pioneer Power and Light Company N
C001063 Pioneer Prairie Wind Farm I, LLC N
C010636 Pioneer Solar (CO), LLC N
C002328 Pioneer Trail Wind Farm, LLC N

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