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CID LEI LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
C004662 Pelican Gathering Systems, LLC N
C012177 Pelican Power LLC N
C000109 Pelico Pipeline, LLC N
C000632 Pembina Cochin LLC N
C004663 Peninsula Power, LLC N
D007604 Peninsula Rivers Conservancy N
C008885 Penn Oak Services, LLC N
C007614 PennEast Pipeline Company, LLC N
D011715 PennEnergy Resources, LLC N
C000317 Pennsylvania Electric Company N
C007631 Pennsylvania Grain Processing, LLC N
C000316 Pennsylvania Power Company N
C000762 Pennsylvania Windfarms, LLC N
C004777 Pentacles Electric, LLLP N
C001694 Pentacles II, LLC. N
C010082 Peony Solar LLC N
C002362 People's Power & Gas, LLC N
D004033 Peoples Gas WV LLC N
C011012 Peoples Natural Gas N
C002105 Peoples Natural Gas Company LLC N
C003416 Peoples TWP LLC N
C001467 Pepco Energy Services, Inc. N
C012126 Peregrine Energy Storage, LLC N
C010244 Performance Materials NA, Inc. N
C003098 Perigee Energy, LLC N
D004896 Perkins Coie LLP N
C006556 Permian Express Partners LLC N
C004834 Permian Express Terminal LLC N
C010853 Permian Highway Pipeline LLC N
C002804 Perrin Ranch Wind, LLC N
C003409 Perryville Gas Storage LLC N
D004424 Perryville Gas Storage LLC N
C009032 Persimmon Creek Wind Farm 1, LLC N
C000936 Petal Gas Storage, L.L.C. N
C001479 PGPipeline LLC N
C003003 PGPV, LLC N
C010904 PGR 2020 Lessee 8, LLC N
C011153 PGR 2021 Lessee 1, LLC N
C011595 PGR 2021 Lessee 11, LLC N
C011597 PGR 2021 Lessee 12, LLC N
C011591 PGR 2021 Lessee 13, LLC N
C011599 PGR 2021 Lessee 15, LLC N
C011619 PGR 2021 Lessee 17, LLC N
C011775 PGR 2021 Lessee 18, LLC N
C011601 PGR 2021 Lessee 19, LLC N
C011192 PGR 2021 Lessee 2, LLC N
C011090 PGR 2021 Lessee 5, LLC N
C011109 PGR 2021 Lessee 7, LLC N
C011593 PGR 2021 Lessee 9, LLC N
C011777 PGR 2022 Lessee 1, LLC N

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