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HollyFrontier El Dorado Refining LLC
SWPP Base Case
2010 C003215
Study Parameter Study Parameter Value Study Parameter Reference
Seller and Affiliate Capacity (owned, controlled)
Seller Installed Capacity 6,904.00 ER12-2124
Seller Remote Capacity 0.00
Seller LT Firm Purchases From Inside 366.00
Seller LT Firm Purchases From Outside 0.00
Seller LT Firm Sales 320.00
Seller Uncommited Capacity Imports 0.00
Non-Affiliate Capacity
Non-Affiliate Installed Capacity 895.00
Non-Affiliate Remote Capacity 0.00
Non-Affiliate LT Firm Purchases from Inside 50.00
Non-Affiliate LT Firm Purchases from Outside 0.00
Non-Affiliate LT Firm Sales 267.00
Non-Affiliate Uncommitted Capacity Imports 0.00
Study Area Reserve Requirements 153.00
Reserve Requirements Attributable to Seller 153.00
Total Uncommitted Supply 1,828.00
Study Area Peak Load 6,678.00
Average Daily Peak Native Load in Peak Month 5,647.00
Amount of Average Daily Peak Native Load Attributable to Seller 4,631.00
Wholesale Load 1,031.00
Net Uncommitted Supply 797.00
Seller Uncommitted Capacity 2,166.00
Result (0 for Fail, 1 for Pass) 0
Total Imports 0.00
Seller Percent of SIL 0.00
Non-Affiliate Percent of SIL 0.00
SIL Value 0.00
SIL Limit Exceeded (0 for No, 1 for Yes) 0

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