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CID LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
GID0001540 Safari Energy Massachusetts 1 2019 LLC N 11/17/2021
GID0001541 Safari Energy Massachusetts 3 2019 LLC N 11/17/2021
GID0001542 Safari Energy Massachusetts 4 2020 LLC N 11/17/2021
GID0001543 Safari Energy Massachusetts 2 2019 LLC N 11/17/2021
GID0001544 Safari Energy Massachusetts 5 2020 LLC N 11/17/2021
GID0001545 Comptestrelease38 N 11/17/2021
GID0001546 SmoketestA1 N 11/17/2021
GID0001547 Y 11/17/2021
GID0001548 Ashland Windfarm LLC N 11/18/2021
GID0001549 Safari Energy Rhode Island 1 2020 LLC N 11/18/2021
GID0001550 Safari Orangutan LLC N 11/18/2021
GID0001551 Safari Kangaroo LLC N 11/18/2021
GID0001552 BlackRock Inc N 11/19/2021
GID0001553 Wasioja Wind LLC N 11/22/2021
GID0001554 Wilhelm Wind LLC N 11/22/2021
GID0001555 South Ridge Power Partners LLC N 11/22/2021
GID0001556 SoCore Clovis 1 LLC N 11/22/2021
GID0001557 Rock Ridge Power Partners LLC N 11/22/2021
GID0001558 OLSEN WINDFARM LLC N 11/22/2021
GID0001559 North Ridge Wind Farm LLC N 11/22/2021
GID0001560 National Windmill Project Inc N 11/22/2021
GID0001562 McNeilus Windfarm LLC N 11/22/2021
GID0001563 Asian Children Support Inc N 11/22/2021
GID0001564 Indian Children Support Inc N 11/22/2021
GID0001565 Salvadoran Children Support Inc N 11/22/2021
GID0001566 Brandon Windfarm LLC N 11/22/2021
GID0001567 Burmese Children Support Inc N 11/22/2021
GID0001568 Eau Galle Renewable Energy Co Inc N 11/22/2021
GID0001569 Gary J T LLC N 11/22/2021
GID0001570 Grant Windfarm LLC N 11/22/2021
GID0001571 Jenna M T LLC N 11/22/2021
GID0001572 JJN Windfarm LLC N 11/22/2021
GID0001573 Krysta J T LLC N 11/22/2021
GID0001574 Mark J P LLC N 11/22/2021
GID0001575 Moulton Heights Wind Power Project LLC N 11/23/2021
GID0001576 Hillcrest Wind LLC N 11/23/2021
GID0001577 Henslin Creek Windfarm LLC N 11/23/2021
GID0001578 Elsinore Wind LLC N 11/23/2021
GID0001579 DragonFly Solar LLC N 11/23/2021
GID0001580 BT LLC N 11/23/2021
GID0001581 GM LLC N 11/23/2021
GID0001582 GarMar Wind I LLC N 11/23/2021
GID0001583 City of Santa Barbara N 11/26/2021
GID0001584 Iroquois Falls Power Corp N 11/29/2021
GID0001585 Saint Ulric Saint Leandre Wind N 11/29/2021
GID0001586 Kingston Cogen Limited Partnership N 11/29/2021
GID0001587 McLeans Mountain Wind Limited Partnership N 11/29/2021
GID0001588 Mont Louis Wind Inc N 11/29/2021
GID0001589 Spy Hill Power LP N 11/29/2021

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