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CID LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
GID0001090 Covanta Marion Inc N 10/18/2021
GID0001091 Haywood Electric Membership Corporation N 10/18/2021
GID0001092 Outback Solar LLC N 10/18/2021
GID0001093 Lake Oswego Corporation N 10/18/2021
GID0001094 Piedmont Electric Membership Corporation N 10/18/2021
GID0001095 Patu Wind Farm LLC N 10/18/2021
GID0001096 Blue Ridge Electric Membership Corporation N 10/18/2021
GID0001097 Vadata Inc N 10/19/2021
GID0001098 City of Fountain Colorado N 10/19/2021
GID0001099 Big Horn County Electric Cooperative Inc N 10/19/2021
GID0001100 City of Burlington Colorado N 10/19/2021
GID0001101 Y 10/19/2021
GID0001102 Y 10/19/2021
GID0001103 Y 10/19/2021
GID0001104 Y 10/19/2021
GID0001105 Groveland Municipal Light Department N 10/19/2021
GID0001106 Oxy Salt Creek Pipeline LLC N 10/19/2021
GID0001107 Valley Energy Inc N 10/19/2021
GID0001108 Tri County Rural Electric Cooperative Inc N 10/19/2021
GID0001109 Claverack Rural Electric Cooperative Inc N 10/19/2021
GID0001110 Y 10/19/2021
GID0001111 City of Ada MN N 10/19/2021
GID0001112 City of Kasota N 10/19/2021
GID0001113 Y 10/19/2021
GID0001114 Northeast Texas Electric Cooperative Inc N 10/19/2021
GID0001115 Ottawa Acquisition LLC N 10/19/2021
GID0001116 Y 10/20/2021
GID0001117 Bonita Wind LLC N 10/20/2021
GID0001118 Borger Energy Associates LP N 10/20/2021
GID0001119 Aurora Distributed Solar LLC N 10/20/2021
GID0001120 Danielson Wind Farms LLC N 10/20/2021
GID0001121 Pleasant Hill Wind Energy LLC N 10/20/2021
GID0001122 Greater Sandhill I LLC N 10/20/2021
GID0001123 Shaokatan Hills LLC N 10/20/2021
GID0001124 Sovereign Power Inc N 10/20/2021
GID0001125 Pend Oreille Public Utility District N 10/20/2021
GID0001126 Y 10/20/2021
GID0001127 Ballston Solar LLC N 10/20/2021
GID0001128 Boring Solar LLC N 10/20/2021
GID0001129 Universal Natural Gas LLC N 10/20/2021
GID0001130 Case Creek Solar LLC N 10/20/2021
GID0001131 Alchemy Renewable Energy N 10/20/2021
GID0001132 Kale Patch Solar LLC N 10/20/2021
GID0001133 Labish Solar LLC N 10/20/2021
GID0001134 Minikahda Hydropower Co LLC N 10/20/2021
GID0001135 Y 10/20/2021
GID0001136 Y 10/20/2021
GID0001137 Norwest Energy 14 LLC N 10/20/2021
GID0001138 Oneil Creek Solar LLC N 10/20/2021
GID0001139 Rafael Solar LLC N 10/20/2021

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