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CID LEI Other Legal Name LEI Upload Date GID Name Is Individual GID Relationship Group FK Description GID Active Date GID Inactive Date
GID0001040 Hat Creek Hereford Ranch N 10/15/2021
GID0001041 Tetrick Hydro N 10/15/2021
GID0001042 Tesseron Vineyards Inc N 10/15/2021
GID0001043 Crockett Cogeneration N 10/15/2021
GID0001044 Hypower Inc N 10/15/2021
GID0001045 Berkeley Cogeneration N 10/15/2021
GID0001046 Chevron Richmond Refinery N 10/15/2021
GID0001047 Frito Lay Cogen N 10/15/2021
GID0001048 Hydro Sierra Energy LLC N 10/15/2021
GID0001049 Olsen Power Partners N 10/15/2021
GID0001050 Western Power and Steam II N 10/15/2021
GID0001051 Mesalands Community College N 10/15/2021
GID0001052 City of Barron WI N 10/15/2021
GID0001053 Ralls Wind Farm LLC N 10/15/2021
GID0001054 Velva Windfarm LLC N 10/15/2021
GID0001055 Grant County Wind LLC N 10/15/2021
GID0001056 Tri County Electric Cooperative N 10/16/2021
GID0001057 NextEnergy Capital Limited N 10/16/2021
GID0001058 Roosevelt County Electric Cooperative Inc N 10/17/2021
GID0001059 Lea County Electric Cooperative Inc N 10/17/2021
GID0001060 Central Valley Electric Cooperative Inc N 10/17/2021
GID0001061 Farmers Electric Cooperative N 10/17/2021
GID0001062 Dahlberg Light & Power Co N 10/17/2021
GID0001063 Yampa Valley Electric Association N 10/17/2021
GID0001064 Holy Cross Energy N 10/17/2021
GID0001065 Grand Valley Power N 10/17/2021
GID0001066 Adams Wind Generations LLC N 10/17/2021
GID0001067 Tidal Power Aggregator LP N 10/18/2021
GID0001068 Y 10/18/2021
GID0001069 Y 10/18/2021
GID0001070 Y 10/18/2021
GID0001071 Y 10/18/2021
GID0001072 Y 10/18/2021
GID0001073 Y 10/18/2021
GID0001074 Y 10/18/2021
GID0001075 Y 10/18/2021
GID0001076 Y 10/18/2021
GID0001077 Borealis Holdings Trust Management Inc N 10/18/2021
GID0001078 Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners Limited N 10/18/2021
GID0001079 North Country Gas Pipeline Corporation N 10/18/2021
GID0001080 United Power Inc N 10/18/2021
GID0001081 Y 10/18/2021
GID0001082 Y 10/18/2021
GID0001083 Y 10/18/2021
GID0001084 Y 10/18/2021
GID0001085 City of McPherson KS Board of Public Utilities N 10/18/2021
GID0001086 City of Chanute KS N 10/18/2021
GID0001087 Central Nebraska Public P&I District N 10/18/2021
GID0001088 Warm Springs Power Enterprises N 10/18/2021
GID0001089 STANDARD SOLAR INC N 10/18/2021

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